Apple is the company which has brought digital innovation, which has truly inspired me. Technology has advanced so quickly over the past few years that societies have had to adjust their whole lives around it. The Apple iPhone has single handily brought innovation to the world. Apple’s transition in just a matter of 5 years from the iPhone 2G to the iPhone 5s is a remarkable journey, I must say.

By Nayyar Zahid

This innovation is special because of its simplicity: the very first iPhone initiated to the world the idea of touch as the most natural and distinctive feature in terms of cooperating with a smart phone. Since the first edition of the iPhone, who would have thought that in just a few years time they would have a finger print identity sensor? To think that this transformation began with the delicate touch of a finger, that’s innovation at its finest.

Implications for businesses

Released in 2007, Apple has transformed as well as popularized extensive use of touch screens. The reason why Apple functions as a unit is because of the design element, they have managed to take this aspect to a whole new level. They have managed to convert their ideas and make them into reality which is favoured by many. Communication and the way work is carried have been transformed in a remarkable manner. It has never been easier to do a lot of tasks with our mobile devices.

Although other mobile phones enable user to contact people all around the world, they somewhat have been little match with the arsenal of the iPhone. Through the availability of business applications, companies may foster collaboration among employees, making much easier to manage the businesses. With its distinctive features such as the build customs app, it is now possible to create apps which can be more integrated within your business and its requirements.

Technology has also made learning and socialising with one another so much easier. However, there is a shortcoming as people may lose their skills for face-to-face interactions. There are thus fears that the impact of mobile technology is not totally understood, and it may bring some disadvantages as well.

About the author

I am a student from Westminster Business School studying BA (Hons) Business Management. From South West of England I am hoping for a bright future, my logic in life is to learn how to chase after excellence so that success will run after me. My future plans for the time being is to grab some work experience under my belt to add to my portfolio, I intend to do is by working on an internship placement possibly in a banking firm.

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