The MSc Business Innovation for the Digital Economy aims to prepare business students for having better jobs in very competitive markets. This is a unique course to help students to develop their knowledge and skills for working with digital business innovation.

Around the world, companies are increasingly using digital technologies to differentiate themselves from competitors. Although information technology is available in the market, not all companies have the expertise to buy and apply technology properly. Indeed, many companies complain that today’s business students do not know much about how to use digital technologies in organisations, and information technology professionals do not know much about the business side.


MSc Business Innovation for the Digital Economy


The MSc Business Innovation for the Digital Economy provides the necessary content for business professionals to become experts in how to apply information technology for innovating in business. In this direction, it will help to bridge the differences between business and information technology professionals. Students with a business background will understand more about how to use digital technologies to leverage productivity and innovate. Students with information technology backgrounds will discover more about the business and innovation sides.

Any professional may benefit from this course. However, the course targets mainly professionals who want to work with business innovation. These professionals do not need to be experts in information technology, but they are experts in how to use information technology in business. For these reasons, the course focuses on providing strong conceptual frameworks on business innovation and business models, and on developing activities for students to become knowledgeable on the most important building blocks of the digital economies, such as e-commerce, cloud computing, social media, business intelligence, and mobile technology, among many other relevant topics.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to recognise the value of the most important information technologies for businesses. Most importantly, they will be  able to apply these technologies properly. During this course, students will gain  skills in understanding how to become innovators in business, and how to implement innovation through projects. In addition, students will also have the skills to organise independently relevant research on the field, which will give them autonomy and the capacity to become entrepreneurs in their own business or working for others.

In addition to the content, students will have a great opportunity for getting experience from an international university, in Central London. Westminster Business School is a cosmopolitan place, in which students not only learn about the syllabus, but also from their peers, through group coursework and many academic and social network events.


  • I am interested in the course. I am from nigeria in africa. What are the requirements for the course and the fee?

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