My name is Muhamad Ariel Maseri. I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Seven months ago I started pursuing my Masters in Global Finance at Westminster Business School . As someone with a degree in finance, I wanted to further my knowledge in the field, particularly in risk management and portfolio management.

I knew I wanted to study at Westminster Business School due to the astute reputation and most importantly, the central London location, which is ideally located for the city’s fantastic learning institutions including libraries, archives and museums, as well as opportunities for shopping, eating out, enjoying London’s nightlife or just simply relaxing.

In fact, London also ranked high up in the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI), which shows the importance of the city in the financial world. Being able to watch the market performance in one morning is amazing! This is indeed the biggest demographic advantage that London has to offer which is why I have chosen to study in London in the first place.

Studying in London definitely open up opportunities to visit various big firms and have a social gathering with the industry players. This exposure from the onset is definitely invaluable. Last year, as part of the Behavioural Finance module, the MSc Global Finance students got a rare opportunity to visit Goldman Sachs, which is a located in a fully anonymous building. We met with managing director of the Financial Investment Group and he shared some wonderful experience and enlightens us with the core functions of investment banks.

Masters in Global Finance at Westminster Business School


Besides that, I enjoy studying at Westminster Business School because I get to share my experience with students across the world. Westminster Business School is a joyful place to meet up with people with different background and culture. Although my course has only 12 students, all of them came from seven different countries. Learning other people’s culture interest me a lot especially their languages, places, and of course food.

As a Malaysian, we craze over our food. I am a foodie to be honest. London is one of the best places to experience some amazing cuisines. I grew up in a family who enjoy craving for good and tasty food. My leisure time is accommodated with fantastic eateries across London along with my friends. Asian, Italian, Fusion, and Western cuisines are some of my favourite food.

When I graduate, I intend to work within the industry, specialising in hedge funds. I feel that Westminster provides the best platform to enhance my knowledge and give me the tools I need that I can apply in working life. It is one of the few business schools in London equipped with the Financial Market Suite (FMS), which is simply a game changer. I find this very useful on a daily basis to extract company and market data in real time straight from Bloomberg. This kind of experience and knowledge will increase my employability in the future.



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