The Teaching Resource in Business and Economics (TRIBE) is a service created & curated by Westminster Business School which provides up to date current affairs information, tailored specifically to the business and economics curricula. In doing this, TRIBE provides context to the academic teaching of these disciplines, making news more readily accessible and helping students to understand the relevance and application of their studies. It has been proven through research that understanding the context of one’s studies fosters deeper learning, and with this in mind the importance of following relevant current affairs can’t be understated. TRIBE is a user-friendly means of doing this, and offers a more efficient way to source relevant news.
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The Teaching

On the homepage of TRIBE there are four subheadings for Economics and five for Business, each relating to a different area within each discipline; for Economics, these are Markets, National Economy, Business Economics and Global Economy; for Business, there are Developing New Business Ideas, Managing a Business and the Management of Change, Business Strategy and Decisions, International Business and Business Environment. This allows users to tailor their visits to the area in which they are currently studying, making it more efficient than trawling alternative news sources.
TRIBE also host a number of events throughout the academic year, with guest speakers including Vicky Pryce, who spoke on the policy responses to the global economic crisis following the release of her book ‘Greekonomics.’ The resource also hosts debates with Westminster Business School Academics, focussing on current issues in the economics and business community. All of these are streamed live via the resource, with Q&A sessions opened up on social media to increase users’ participation.

The Commercial Education Trust part-funds the TRIBE Resource, and as an organisation established by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the CET now focuses on funding ‘innovative projects designed to make a difference.’ TRIBE also works closely with the Westminster Economics Society to host events, all of which are streamed live on the resource website, once again integrating with social media platforms to allow full user engagement.

Finally, TRIBE offers paid work experience each academic year to a select number of students, who are given the opportunity to get involved with the curation of news items for the resource. For more information about TRIBE please contact Karen Kufuor, the academic lead on TRIBE, at or visit the TRIBE page.










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