Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and the business that you are involved in?

I have completed my studies at H R College in Mumbai. After graduation I was awarded a full scholarship for my Masters by Westminster Business School in London.

After returning from UK, I have started a new concept in India which later took roots in Nepal and UAE, called Dinasim Learning, where we act as a consultant to innovate the subject of Mathematics by using aids such as Angry Birds, Soccer, Cricket etc for Educational Institutions by the below mentioned channels:

1. Student Workshops
2. Parent Workshops
3. Teacher Training Workshops

I have successfully implemented this programme in other leading institutions in India, Nepal and slowly moving in UAE and these schools have seen a drastic change in the results, many students have been able to remove the fear of the subject.

How is running a successful business different than what you thought it would be?
It is definitely a difficult Task as you see different challenges coming across you regularly. The basic mantra of survival of the fittest always plays an important role. Every day is a new learning experience for me.

How did you study at Westminster Business School?
Coming from a complete different educational background, I initially faced a few difficulties, but really appreciate the way our course was designed, making it a very interesting and interactive process. This whole programme has been responsible to change the way I looked at education and has given me a broader outlook for the same.


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What were the main challenges you have faced during your stay in London?
I would rather say these were not challenges but these were major learning experiences of adjusting with a new culture and a new environment of education.
As a fellow student what would you recommend other international students in the Westminster Business School?
Westminster Business School has a perfect blend of learning with experience. The entire campus has a very vibrant atmosphere and you will never ever feel that you are not in your homeland.

Divesh Bathija
Which Three Adjectives Describe Your Strengths?
Hardworking, willing to take risks and exploring new opportunities.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? 
I would rather put it across this way, so far the greatest achievement for me was receiving a 100% scholarship from Westminster Business School.

What did you enjoy most about your experience at Westminster Business School?
Westminster Business School helped me develop my outlook towards several things apart from academics, which was a crucial part in starting my own venture once I returned back to my country.
What’s your most memorable experience in London?
The most memorable experience in London was this one incident, I love Quoting it always-
“Once I had decided to walk it up from my Halls (Wigram house) to WBS and as the map it was a good 40-45 min walk. It was in my first week when I decided to use GPS and reach the campus. However it took me 4 hours since I was new to London and GPS both. This one huge mistake lead me to explore the whole city and that allowed me to explore every by lane and it was very useful for the rest of my stay. This whole episode made me understand the importance of making mistakes and learning from them.

Did living and studying abroad make a big difference when you returned home? If yes how?
Yes it did in a huge way. I managed to start my own venture based on my experiences in London, where I realized Education had a different dimension, which motivated me to start Dinasim Learning- An initiative that started in India in 2012, with a core purpose of helping students find meaning behind the education taught to them.

What does the future hold for you? What are your plans?
With a great kickstart in India, we have started expanding in Nepal and UAE. I am planning to focus on Pan Asian market, where my team has a huge scope. If everything goes well in the future would love to design a school of my own curriculum and help igniting the minds of our future generation.

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