TRIBE The Teaching Resource in Business and Economics (TRIBE) is a free educational resource provided by Westminster Business School to help provide context to the study of business and economics. TRIBE provides users with a simple way of sourcing news items that are relevant to their studies, helping individuals to foster deeper learning through understanding the application of their courses in real-world examples. To learn more about what TRIBE provides please visit the first TRIBE blog entry.




To further the resource’s impact on student engagement with business and economics news, Westminster Business School offered paid work experience to four undergraduate students, giving them the chance to be involved in the curation of relevant news for the resource. Shahela Kodabuckus and Robert Mitson were two of the four chosen to work with lead academic Karen Kufuor and a summary of their experiences are shared below:

“I was one of four students to help work on TRIBE earlier this year. In my personal opinion, I believe TRIBE is an incredible resource for students who are studying either Business or Economics, as it provides us students with access to information, which is crucial for our course. As students, we will be instructed to produce reports, essays, and presentations and so forth, which will require real life examples. For this reason TRIBE acts as an excellent source for such information. It’s a learning platform that provides you with a pool of up to date knowledge relevant to your studies without you having to sort through newspapers and websites. As a student I know that it can be time consuming to search for relevant information, however after working on the resource and using it for my studies, the time spent searching had been reduced significantly. I’ve been more able to understand concepts with example at a much faster pace. Working on TRIBE had also enabled me to ensure that I kept up to date with current affairs. Sometimes it can be difficult, especially if you have a hectic week, however keeping up to date is important and TRIBE will help. Make news simple and save time, use TRIBE.” – Shahela Kodabuckus, BSc Business Economics student.



“I was really grateful for the opportunity to be involved with TRIBE. Having heard about the resource from my course leader, Karen Kufuor, I really respected the resource’s aim to provide a useful service that benefits the learning experience of business and economics students. I was excited to be a part of a new project, through which I hoped to garner skills in communication, organisation and journalism. However, in my time working with TRIBE this role evolved to include the marketing of the resource, which proved a valuable lesson in CRM and strategy, for which I’ll always be grateful. TRIBE equips students with the ability to save time; in visiting the page, individuals can reduce the time spent trawling news websites and publications. Furthermore, by arranging the pages in-step with the modules taught in business and economics courses, TRIBE makes seemingly arcane topics more comprehendible by showing their application in the real world. I would advise all business and economics students, from A levels right through higher education to at least trial TRIBE, as in doing so I believe the value will be immediately apparent.” – Robert Mitson, BSc Business Economics student.



For more information about TRIBE please contact Karen Kufuor, the academic lead on TRIBE, at or visit the TRIBE page.

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