During the summer of 2014 I went to Inha University Summer School. I had a great time. I managed to study economics and technology as well as visit most of the tourist attractions and experience the culture. I passed all of my subjects with A’s.

Going to Korea was a big culture shock to me as the weather was extremely humid and their diet is particularly different to the west. I mostly had rice for breakfast and there was a strange type of food called Kimchi, which I didn’t get used to.

Nurel Huseyin


Nonetheless it was a beautiful country with many palaces and temples situated within a major city. I visited both Seoul and Incheon. While staying at the university I managed to make some great friends that I still keep in contact via social media. I made friends from Korea, Germany, USA, Italy, Malaysia, Ukraine and Indonesia to name a few. I would say that studying abroad was a major milestone for me. It was the first time I travelled by myself on a daunting 11 hour journey. However I have to say that it was a very worthwhile experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Nurel Huseyin


This blog is written by Nurel Huseyin who is a level 5 Business Economics student


  • It was great to hear about your experiences in South Korea. I guess your story is quite alike that of most students who decide to go for studies abroad. Getting to know new people and their ways, about their language, culture and habits – that is what all the learning and exposure is all about.
    Am sure its going to help you later in life. Good Luck!!!

  • hi! i’m Ivy from Indonesia. I want to ask about the summer school, I applied Inha uni summer school 2016. I curious about the activity beside the classes. I heard they took you to Seoul? Where did they take you (landmark / places that you with Inha Uni)?

    • Hi Ivy – many thanks for your message. I will need to look into this and will come back to you with more information! Best wishes, Jeni (Social Media officer)

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