Global Engagement Roadshow

There are many benefits of being a global university – from international classrooms full of diverse perspectives, to opportunities for travel, networking and collaboration, and for cultural exchange. It is an excellent way for us to share and learn from others and to build bridges and friendships with the global community. The University of Westminster and Westminster Business School is proud of the diversity it offers its students and staff and of the opportunities it provides in terms of internationalisation. It does however recognise that in a changing and challenging world there are always ways we can improve and adapt in order to further our successes.

With this in mind, the Global Engagement Roadshow 2015 presented an excellent opportunity to discuss and explore the University’s Global Engagement Strategy to interested parties at all Faculties. The Westminster Business School event was extremely well attended and it was hosted by our PVC and Dean, Professor Barbara Allan and key speakers included Pro Vice-Chancellor, Global Engagement Professor Alex Hughes, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Exchange Professor Graham Megson, Director of Recruitment Admissions and Marketing Kate Hayes, Director of Internationalisation within the Business School Jon Pike, and International Partnerships Manager Victoria Rose.


The Global Engagement Strategy was presented in brief and topics covered included strategic partnerships, growth and target markets, resources, the importance of the student experience, and research as a root to global engagement. Enhanced communications was also called for by both sides of the table and it has been requested that all new affiliations or visits to other institutions are communicated to the central team.


All in all, the Roadshow at Westminster Business School was a successful event, which enabled staff and senior management to engage directly about our collective and very international future. We look forward to hearing future updates and to remaining engaged with the University of Westminster’s strategic developments.

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