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Dr Spinder Dhaliwal was the guest presenter at the Bright Ideas Club event on Wednesday 20th May held at Runway East, Old Street. Spinder, author of the book ‘Making a Fortune: Learning from the Asian Phenomenon’ shared her thoughts and knowledge about Asian Entrepreneurs. The Bright Ideas Club are a group of entrepreneurs and business leaders with a passion for helping young people with great business ideas to achieve their ambition. They provide funding and mentoring to help people start their own businesses, learn practical business skills, create a job for themselves – and others. They rely on assistance from the business community, not just for donations from supporters, but by asking for mentors and advisors to work closely with our young start-up businesses.

Bright Ideas Club


The evening also included a Bright Ideas business issues session, where some of the Bright Ideas Trust beneficiaries shared the challenges they are facing. They provided an opportunity for guests to use their knowledge and expertise to help find solutions that will help their businesses grow. Some of the issues included: · How do I find buyers for my products? · How do I find cash to keep going in-between getting buyers, when I have limited funds? · Where do I find funding for different stages of the business? · Where is a cheap place to work from with a central address? · How do I scale up and define a sales strategy? Westminster Business School and the special interest group in Entrepreneurship will be hosting an event for the Bright Ideas Club later on this year and this will enable our students to experience the workshop and to get some mentoring for any enterprising ideas they may have.

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