The BABM is an annual social event whereby BA Business Management (all pathways) meet in their first week of university to network with their peers and take part in engaging group activities. This year the event was off-campus at the DRUM in Wembley. Perfect for rugby fans! It kicked off at 12:30pm and the students were briefed by academics.

BA Business Management Team
BA Business Management Team

The activity was fun but very thought-provoking as students needed to form groups of 5 and draw up a business plan considering real life business challenges such as competitors, location and of course their target audience (university students). Students were very competitive and eager to  get the prize – a book token worth £500 to the winning team!!

Phil Sainter (BA Business Management Course Leader)
Phil Sainter (BA Business Management Course Leader)

“This task enables students to negotiate with each other to come up with the best idea. It also encourages students to critically think and argue their ideas in order to be a successful. Ultimately this task gives them the opportunity to try and experiment with some basic business ideas during orientation week.” Phil Sainter (Course Leader)

The FANS (Friends of Arriving New Students) were all around to support the students and also had their say:

Jake Lambert
Jake Lambert (2nd year BA Business Management) from London, with his colleagues

“Students develop leadership skills as someone needs to take on the role of leader to guide the team and take responsibility.”

Sofia Backstrom
Sofia Backstrom (Sweden) 2nd year BA Business Management student

“The students will gain analytical and organisational skills as well as time management, which are very important because they will need to meet assignment deadlines.”

BABM 2015
One of the groups discussing their ideas
BABM 2015
More students having fun!
Students working on their project
BABM 2015
Team ‘Tacos Tower’


Students brainstorming at the BABM 2015
Students brainstorming

The atmosphere was great and the students were engrossed in the task, but I managed to interview a few of them:

How are you finding today’s activity and what is your group doing?

Amara Tehreem
Amara Tehreem (Pakistan)

“It is very exciting to meet new people and work with them because I am with people whom I have never worked with before so it’s a bit of a challenge for me. Also, coming up with a product and thinking that we are competing with other students gives us motivation to do our best.  It is all about business and we have a very good idea. It will be really great if we can present it to the panel!”

Muhammad Hassan
Muhammad Hassan (Pakistan)

“I am finding the activity quite nice as it is as good opportunity to meet new people and our new classmates. My group have 3 or 5 ideas such as cycling and gym to improve students health. We will learn how to work as a unit and also learn something new from other people”.

Why did you choose to study at Westminster Business School?

Frankie Martin
Frankie Martin (London)

“I chose Westminster Business School because it is the ideal course to help me achieve my future goals and open my own business”.

Nadia Luisa
Nadia Luisa (Portugal)

“I chose Westminster Business School because it is central and I can the enjoy London life. Moreover it has great ratings, the campus looks amazing and I chose the course because I want to start my own business.”

The Dean’s arrival added weight to the event and he enjoyed himself too.

Dr David Hithcock
Our Dean Dr David Hitchcock

Finally I met the winners who created ‘Time Out’, a place where students can unwind and have a good time with their mates.

BA Business Management Class 2015
BABM 2015 winners

It was fantastic to see first year students so enthusiastic about their course and I hope they thoroughly enjoy their time at Westminster Business School. Congratulations to the winners and hope to see you all around campus!

BA Business Management Class 2015





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