Karen Kufuor, Principal Lecturer in Economics and Quantitative Methods is collaborating with New Vic College in East London on a pilot project, which culminates in an assessment for BTEC level 3 Business students. The pilot project utilises TRIBE – an online learning and teaching resource for economics and business – to help students understand the impact of the economic environment on businesses. The students also use an online group discussion page as a learning diary.

Karen, who is the lead academic on the TRIBE project, comments on the students online discussion posts and guides their learning by directing them to useful articles or video on TRIBE, by clarifying any misconceptions unveiled in their comments and by posting questions to further probe their understanding. Their teacher Francilia Joseph, also provides students with weekly tasks via the group discussion pages. Francilia was part of the research focus group in the development stages of TRIBE. She suggested that Westminster Business School and New Vic worked together on assessment of Unit 38 of the BTEC award, following an outreach visit by Karen and Business Economic’s student, Olivia Welsch , in July. Francilia hoped that the partnership would prompt more student engagement. The project began in September and will culminate with 21 New Vic BTEC students coming in to Westminster Business School to present their findings on Thursday November 26th. The students will receive feedback on their presentations from their teachers and from academics and students within WBS. Karen Kufuor has invited Vincent Rich, Head of Department Economics and Quantitative Methods as well as Business Economic students to participate in the assessment of the presentations.

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