Hello all! My name is Sushant Bhattarai and I am a Marketing Communications MA student from Nepal. I’m here to give you a good idea of what it’s like to be a postgraduate student in London and I’ll be taking you through the lovely academic journey that is Westminster Business School.

I’ve actually started to map out the great city of London using some amazing food places, some of which I’ll be highlighting during these blogs, and at the same time, I will experience first-hand, and give you (hopefully) valuable lessons on how to go about prospering while you’re here.

An introduction

But before we get into all my wonderful tips and tricks for being a student in London, I’d like to tell you a bit more about myself. Thanks to my father’s job as a UN Diplomat I’ve been fortunate to go to school with people from all parts of the world. It’s an experience akin to what one feels everyday at the University of Westminster, where everyday you discover a new nationality represented amongst your course-mates. Having grown up in a few places, I would be a mediocre local tour guide at best! Arguably though, I’m probably a mediocre tour guide for any city that I might have lived in.

A view of the Annapurna mountain range during a trip to Pokhara

Choosing my degree: Marketing Communications MA

In the years after my undergraduate degree, I learnt through working that my strength lay in my creativity; I love composing texts and working on designs! When it came to the time to buckle down and choose a career path, Marketing seemed the most logical to me because of my strengths. But I also chose it because I was very aware of the role it has played in my life choices and I felt the need to understand this almost mystical entity. After what felt like months of researching different programs and schools, I found my current course, Marketing Communications MA, and knew it was the right course for me. Not only would I be studying a subject that I was interested in, but I would also be studying in a well-reputed institution in London. This reassured me that whatever I would be learning, it would be the most relevant material available and would enhance the way I see my world.

A group of friends and I in Nepal – we assisted the earthquake relief efforts in Nepal last year

Arriving at Westminster Business School

The prospect of Graduate School always terrified me before this year. I always envisioned myself with a wheelbarrow full of course books, a gallon of coffee, and of course feeling extremely intimidated in class. While I’m sure some of these elements will appear to me before I finish my course, I’ve come to realize that if you take everything slowly and break things down, everything feels manageable. Reminding myself that all my course-mates are going through the same journey that I am, with possibly the same reservations and fears, has provided me with a sense of comradery. The first few weeks of the programme have been nothing short of insightful, and I have been trying my best to soak up everything the University has to offer. First on my list – the Internship programme! One of the key factors in my applying to Westminster Business School is the opportunity to intern in, or find a mentor from the sector of your choice.

Sharing my story & the delights of London

While I hope to share more about the ins and outs of being a student at the University, I am thrilled to begin finding out all the glorious delights that London has to offer, and even more excited to share my findings with you. Since food is such a major part in my life (and hopefully its a major part in yours as well), I plan to share my experiences of the diversity that is London through my tastebuds! I’ll do more than as well, of course, but dont be surprised if you hear me ranting and raving about that one food market that you just cannot miss. PS If you havent been to a food market yet, you are missing out on a glorious experience. Imagine the Masterchef Kitchen, but in edible-3D!”

Many thanks to Marketing Communications MA student, Sushant Bhattarai for this blog post. To find out more about the programme, please click here.  



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