Dr Sheeja Sivaprasad

Please describe yourself in a few sentences.  What did you do in your career before you came to Westminster?  Which areas of academic research do you specialise in?

My name is Sheeja Sivaprasad. I am the Course Leader for the MSc in Investment and Risk Finance, I come from Kerala, India. Kerala is located on the south-western tip of India. I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Kerala and then I moved to the UK where I did my Master’s in Investment Management and a Ph.D. in Finance at Cass Business School. I find teaching and research to be equally stimulating and rewarding. My area of academic research is in capital structure, IPOs, investments, SMEs, private equity, tourism.

Introduce your course.  Who is it designed for?  What will students learn and experience and what will they take away with them?

The Investment and Risk Finance MSc has been in existence since 1999 and has continued to evolve to meet the changing educational needs of the investment and risk finance professional. It’s delivered by qualified academics and professionals who have worked many years in the industry and are actively engaged in research and consultancy.

The course consists of core modules which help you acquire the ability to perform quantitative investment and risk analyses on a variety of financial instruments and structured products. Students will learn how to use capital market products in both investment and risk finance applications.

The research and project modules are designed to develop your research abilities and create opportunities to explore finance subject areas of your own interest in more depth. This will enable you to apply the analytical and technical management skills you will encounter to real-life situations.

Sheeja Sivaprasad

Which specific features and attributes distinguish this course from comparable postgraduate courses taught at other universities in London?

The MSc Investment and Risk Finance is a specialist Master’s course designed in such a way, that it equips our students with the necessary and specific skills to excel in an ever-changing financial environment. It focuses mainly on risk management tools and techniques as well as the numerous aspects of investment management.

Students can look forward to a challenging, eventful and rewarding year ahead of them, but what would you say are the main highlights of the course?

This course provides a thorough theoretical and practical grounding in the key aspects of investment and risk finance, delivered in an intensive learning environment. You will learn how to apply the knowledge and theory you have gained in class to real-world problems facing the international financial services industry and the corporate financial management community. This practical application of investment and risk principles is one of the main strengths of this programme.

Can you think of any examples of the sorts of careers graduates from this course have taken up after completing their studies?

Most of the graduands of the course have taken up careers in risk management, corporate finance and fund management roles. This Master’s imparts them with many necessary skills applicable to this career path: specifically risk management, investment management and valuation.

Sheeja Sivaprasad Boat Party

What piece of advice would you give to students about to embark on their Postgraduate studies?

The most important thing is just to make the most of the degree. This is a fabulous opportunity to learn skills, meet new people from various cultural backgrounds, and network with people. We live in a very competitive environment. Stay motivated and positive. Remember, there is no short cut to hard work!

What hobbies keep you occupied outside of teaching?  How do you relax and unwind in your spare time?

I enjoy gardening immensely. I find it relaxing and therapeutic. It gives me a lot of pride and peace to sit in my garden and take in the blooms and the fragrant and crisp air.

Visit the course page for Westminster Business School’s Investment & Risk Finance MSc.  Dr Sheeja Sivaprasad’s profile can viewed on our website complete with contact details.

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