On 20 January 2017, new and current Marketing Management MA/MSc students celebrated the New Year in style by attending a dinner party at Mumtaz Restaurant, just a few minutes’ walk away from Westminster Business School. The main objective of the dinner was to bring together January 2016, September 2016 and January 2017 cohorts. It was a great opportunity to say farewell to the outgoing January 2016 students and wishing them the best in their careers. It was also an unmissable chance for newly arrived Freshers to network with current students and gather useful tips for the year ahead.

Here is our newly joined student Chanviraktola Prak’s reflection on the orientation week as well as the social event, so please read on:


As usual, the first day of going to school and meeting your potential friends and/or enemies was a bit a nerve-wracking, especially when the school is halfway around the world from where you called home. Fortunately for me, it was not the case. Right away as I walked in, everyone was sociable and easy-going. I’d almost forgot that it was the first time that we’ve met.


I have decided not to talk about my classmates individually, because I feel like I could write a novel with all the stories that I’ve heard and things that I’ve learned from each one of them. Collectively, we are a well-diversified group that could most definitely help one another with new insights and perspectives. This will definitely give us the edge we will need when we step out into the real world. I am very enthused about working with this group of individuals!


At the end of the orientation week, the Course Leader Dr Donna Mai hosted a meet-and-greet event at a restaurant called Mumtaz where their main specialty is Indian cuisine. The atmosphere of the event was lovely, and it was a great opportunity to get to know the teaching team and Head of the Department of Marketing and Business Strategy, Dr Jaafar El-Murad.

On top of that, we got to meet the September class of Marketing Management for the first time, and even some alumni. They were nice enough to give us many good pieces of advice and tips about what to expect for our upcoming semester.


I have to admit – the food was very spicy, spicier than I can tolerate yet I still had a great evening overall. The event has further sparked my enthusiasm for this Masters programme.

I am truly thankful to be a part of this community.


Thank you to Chanviraktola Prak, our current MA/MSc Marketing Management student, for writing this blog. To find out more about the programme please visit our website. To see the complete photo album from the event, just click here.

We’ll also be blogging about other Marketing Management MA/MSc events throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled!


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