On Friday 19th January, three cohorts of Marketing Management MA/MSc students, alumni and staff met to celebrate. It was the end of an enriching journey for the January 2017 cohort, the end of a challenging first semester for the cohort who started in September 2017, and an exciting start for the cohort of January 2018. The buzzing event took place in Mumtaz London where we had an amazing dinner organized by our course leader, Donna Mai.


The dinner was a great opportunity for connecting, interchanging and socializing with staff, students and alumni. After finishing the first exam period, it was a great pleasure for the September cohort to welcome the new students who were eager to know what they are about to face. It was funny to hear that the new students perceived us to be nearly finished with our studies, whereas we believe only a few months have gone by! The students who started their Master’s programme in January 2017 are about to finish all assignments now, and will have the graduation ceremony for which they have waited so long next April. It was interesting to hear what plans they have for the future, whether it is in London or back home.


The change of venue from the usual classrooms and library study rooms to the informal environment of the restaurant offered a great opportunity to bring all three classes together to enjoy an Indian dinner. Indian classmates shared a lot of insights about India and gave their fellow students an understanding of their culture and traditions.


London has so much to offer and we wish the new students a great start for their studies and the upcoming alumni good luck for their job entry whether in the international surroundings of London, or in their home countries. We are looking forward to the Residential Weekend in March where both September and January starters will be faced with a marketing business challenge to improve their strategic skills in marketing.


Special thanks to our course leader Donna Mai who invited all students to come together to celebrate the new year. It was great to meet new people from around the world to exchange and share experiences, memories and stories about the life at University of Westminster and in London.

Thank you so much to Rocio Llorente and Lena Retzler for writing about this event. Find out more about the Marketing Management MA/MSc course. You can view the rest of the photographs on the course’s Facebook page.

Kasia Kicinska

Kasia Kicinska

Postgraduate Applicant Officer at Westminster Business School
Supporting you throughout the application process.
Kasia Kicinska

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