It’s that time of the year again! Feeling the holiday spirit, you can’t wait to watch Netflix all day long with a hot chocolate in your hand. But then you realise that you are a university student who has 4 exams coming up in January. So, the reality is that you probably have zero to no time to waste on Netflix movies. Back to the point, there are two things you could do!

Option 1. Instead of feeling holly and jolly, you might start feeling stressed and depressed. Then, decide to roll under the covers and spend your holiday procrastinating until the last minute.

Option 2. You can decide to persevere and work smart instead of hard. This way you can pass your exams, and still have fun!

The question is how to make this happen? Where do you even begin? I am the kind of person who used to panic when it came to studying for exams. And this was regardless of how I’ve performed in the past. But I have read and tested an exam revision technique, which helped me and my friends several times. I’d like to share it with you today!


Exams Revision: Step 1…

Is to put your phone on silent. I mean it. It was hard for me at the beginning and it might be hard for you. But if you want to ace your exams and have more time for the fun stuff, just do it! You need to be as concentrated as you can.


Exams Revision: Step 2…

Is to calculate the number of days until your exams, and spread your time revising evenly for each subject.

So, let’s say you have 4 exams, and 44 days until your first exam. That’s 11 days of revision for each exam. The key here is to focus on one subject at the time. I think that revising for different subjects might make your revision more complicated. You might end up getting confused about concepts. You don’t want to include them in exam papers where you will not get extra marks for them. Some might say that 44 days sound like a lot, but in-depth revision is a must. Otherwise, you may risk losing marks for not answering the exam questions fully because you didn’t revise it thoroughly. Also, your future self will thank you for this later!

What you could do is be smart with the time you have. Work on each topic for an hour, then have a break for an hour and so on! You could also do 3 hours of in-depth revision, then 3 hours of fun. Totally up to you, depending on what works best for you. I normally prefer this option, as this means I can go out to see my friends and go to the cinema, or I can go out and work out at the gym. I must also mention that I make notes whilst I read, and I note any key concepts/debates/criticisms of what I am reading about. Once I am done with each topic, I  reflect on what I have learned for a few minutes. It allows me to check whether I understand the topic fully and I am ready to move on to the next topic.


Exams Revision: Step 3…

Is to stock up on your favourite drink/food in the house, so you can treat yourself every time you finish a topic or a past exam paper. This way, you not only have an excuse to walk to the kitchen, but it also improves your motivation as you know that your efforts will lead to small but needed rewards! Just make sure your favourite drink is not tequila, because the revision technique I have been talking about might not work well…


So yes, having to study for exams during the holiday season can be a daunting and challenging task! But you must remember that this regime will not last forever. Once you are done with the last exam, you can put your feet up and enjoy your life again… Until the second semester comes, and it starts all over again… Good luck!

Thank you to Radina Kimonova, MA Human Resource Management student, for writing this blog piece.

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Radina Kimonova

Current Student, MA Human Resource Management at Westminster Business School
Student Minds Contributor


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