The importance of role models

The HRM Department’s annual conference took place on Tuesday 3 April and it was great to see practitioners and students coming together for this interesting event. I was asked to speak about role models and this caused me to reflect… more
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Awards Night To Inaugural Lecture

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy and have included me attending the EFMD Dean’s conference in Istanbul and also visiting Helsinki – both these trips took place in the same week so it was interesting experiencing snow (helsinki)… more
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Trip to Singapore

There has been a few week’s absence in this blog. The Christmas and New Year holidays interrupted my flow and I have just returned from Singapore where preparations are being made for the Chinese New Year and many streets and… more
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Seasonal greetings

At the Westminster Business School, students are finishing off their assignments and I see clusters of them working around their laptops in the social learning spaces.  Some are busy preparing for their presentations at our learning and development student conference…. more
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Blogs and blogging

The world of blogging is an interesting one and I am writing this entry in response to colleagues who have asked me “how do you go about writing your blog?” Since I began this blog my world has changed. Each… more
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Working within a wider community

This week the Business School welcomed Gurdip Anand from the Universal Business School (UBS), Mumbai, India. It was a real pleasure to meet with him again and enable him to see our impressive campus. UBS is located about an hour… more
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Graduate employability

All students now make a huge investment in higher education in terms of time, money, intellectual and emotional labour. The majority of students anticipate that they will benefit in terms of access to professional careers and decent salaries, as well… more
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New social learning platform

I love it. The new furniture has arrived and students are making excellent use of their new social learning platform on the Marylebone site. The seats are funky – settees with lids and sun lounger look-alikes (I am sure the… more
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