Accessing Past Exam Papers on Blackboard Ultra module site
Past Exam Papers are accessed within the module using a tool called ‘PastExamPapers LTI’. Follow the steps below or click on this  🎬 Video link.
Step 1: Open the module and Click on Books & Tools
Books and tools
Step 2: From the window on the right, Click on PastExamPapers LTI
If it is not on the list, go to Step 3, otherwise go to Step 4
past exam papers LTI
Step 3: Scroll down and Click on Browse all course tools
Cant find what you need.
Step 4:A new window will open where you will find the past exam papers and you can download them.
If you get the No past exam papers found, go to Step 5
Find exam paper to download
Step 5: Change the search criteria and just live the first part of the course ID as below and press Go. This will give you list a of past exam papers.
If you do not find the one you are looking for, please speak with your College Support teams or Module Leaders as they maintain the list.

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