How to Open and Submit Online Timed Assessments in Blackboard

 There are 3 main steps that need to be followed.

1. Login to Blackboard and go to the relevant module where you will find at the top of the
Content area a folder named ‘Timed Assessment’ (see below).

screenshot of the timed assessment folder

2. Inside this folder, you will find the online timed assessment paper (see example below), which includes the questions and any instructions. This will become available to you at the time that the online timed assessment is set to start and remain available for 24 hours. Some online timed assessments will need to be completed in less than 24 hours, which your Module Leader will confirm if this applies to your assessment.

Timed Assessment for Students

You can download the online timed assessment paper to open it offline on your computer. Please remember, however, that you can remain online and if you have any queries for the Module Leader relevant to the assessment; you can use the Discussion board (see picture below) made available in the same Timed Assessment folder.

Timed Assessment for students

3. In the ‘Timed Assessment’ folder you will also find an assessment submission link (see
example below). This will be available to you for 24 hours from the time the online timed assessment starts. Some online timed assessments will need to be completed in less than 24 hours, which your Module Leader will confirm if this applies to your assessment. To submit your exam, click on the ‘Timed Assessment’ submission link and follow the instructions you see on-screen. An example of a submission link is shown below:

Timed assessment for students

You must submit within the 24-hour period given to you (or alternative time period allowed as advised by your Module Leader). Please ensure you follow all the steps to get a digital receipt of your submission. One submission counts as one attempt, so if you accidentally submit the wrong file, you have one further opportunity to submit the correct file before the deadline. For this assessment, only one attempt will be graded, and in the case of multiple attempts, only the last one submitted will be accepted for grading (you cannot amend the file after the deadline has passed).

4. Links to more detailed guides on using Blackboard and the submission of work via
Blackboard can be accessed via the links below.

Accessing and Navigating Blackboard 
Online Assignment Submission


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I find my exam timetable?

Exam timetables can be found here

2. How do I find my online timed assessments on Blackboard?

Your exam ‘Timed Assessment’ submission link will be available in the ‘Timed Assessment’ folder at the top of the Content area of your relevant Blackboard module site. If this folder is not present, please contact your tutor. Your tutor will have to make the folder visible or give you instructions on how to find the Timed Assessment submission link. 

3. Do I have to complete it online, or can I upload files?

You should upload your submission in a Microsoft Word format (unless otherwise advised by the module leader) using the assessment submission link found in the Timed Assessment folder of the relevant Blackboard site. Your Module Leader will provide specific instructions if you have to embed pictures or diagrams.

4. I am unable to submit and the deadline has passed, what shall I do?

Please read the information found in the Exam and Assessment FAQs. We, the Learning Innovation and Digital Engagement (LIDE) team will not be able to submit an assessment on your behalf or extend the deadline. 

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