How to Upload Blackboard Collaborate Recordings to Panopto

In Blackboard go to the module content.
In the left menu under Details & Actions go down to Blackboard  Collaborate and click on the 3 ellipses Three Dots on the right.

In the pop-up menu click on View all recordings

Blackboard Collaborate popup menu

On the right of the recording name, click on the circle with 3 ellipsesThree dots in circle In the pop-up menu click on Download and the recording will download to the Download Folder on the computer you are using.


If you are moving several recordings simultaneously, it is recommended to re-name when each video has downloaded to your computer.  The downloaded recording will automatically be renamed collab-recording 1, 2 and so on. 
The recording has to be manually renamed to the original Collaborate recording name.

In a new Chrome tab go to Panopto and log in with your Blackboard username and password.  Click on Create on the top right of the Panopto search bar.  In the pop-up menu click on Upload media.

Upload Blackboard media

In Add files to pop-up window, select the folder and click in the box to open your file browser, select and open the file to upload.

It is recommended you select My Folder this is your personal and private folder in Panopto.  You can review or edit the recording and captions prior to moving to the module folder.  If you don’t need to review, edit or change captioning, you can move it directly into the module folder in Panopto.  The recording will be available immediately for students to view and they will also get a notification.

To upload, click in the rectangle where it says Drag video or audio files here (or click to find on your computer).

This will open your file browser, go to Downloads Folder on your computer. Select the recording you want to upload on the bottom right click Open.  To upload more than one recording, hold down the Ctrl key and with your mouse left click and select each of the files you want to upload.  The files will be highlighted then on the bottom right click Open.  The recording will start uploading to Panopto Cloud.  Your computer has to be left on while the recording is uploading.  The time taken will depend on your internet upload speed.

Select Media

You will see the recording being uploaded and a bar showing the progress of the upload and time left.

Once the upload is complete close the window. The rendering and processing is taking place in Panopto cloud and it is safe to shut down your computer.

The uploaded recording can be seen processing in the destination folder and it is safe to shut down your computer.

Saved Files in Folder

The captioning will be added automatically in the Panopto cloud and can take at least as long as the recording.  Once the captions have been processed, a  CC iconsymbol will appear next to the recording preview image.


To locate the recordings in your Panopto module folders

 In the menu on the left go down and click on Browse.  A pop-up window will open with a search box.  In the search bar enter the module code or name and click on the magnifying glass or hit return. 

Click on the module folder to open.

Browse Media


 In Panopto all 2020 Ultra module codes are in the following format:-
MODULE: (2020) Module code and Module name
i.e.:-MODULE: (2020) 4ACCN001W.1 Accounting and Finance Fundamentals


 Panopto is a video platform directly linked to Westminster Blackboard VLE Blackboard


By logging into Panopto you are taken via Blackboard authentication to the Westminster University portal in Panopto. 

The page you see is the Panopto video library which contains your folders and recordings and those shared with you.  Here you can create, upload, edit and manage your recordings. 

When you upload a recording to your Panopto module folders or My Folder, the recording is stored with Panopto.

When a student views the recording via Blackboard they are taken to the recording in the Panopto video library.

Tour of the Video Library


Advantages of uploading Collaborate recordings to Panopto

For Academics

  • Accessibility, AI closed captioning will be automatically added to the recording and can be reviewed and edited.

  • Trimming recordings, you can trim the recording to edit out sections.

How to Trim a Video in the Editor 

  • Adding content, you can add more content to the recording such as slides, another recording (clip), YouTube videos and quizzes. Learn About the Video Editor

  • Recording are available to view as soon as they are moved to the module folder and students receive a notification and email.

  • Access statistics and analysis of recordings Statistics and Analysis

  • Panopto supports a wide range of video and audio recording formats.

  • Westminster has unlimited storage with Panopto enabling you to upload as many recordings as you like.


For Students

  • Accessibility, students can turn on closed captions if needed. Viewing Video Captions

  • Students can search the recording content and be taken to specific section they want to view. Searching Inside Videos

  • Students can make their own private notes in the recording which they can download or share. How to Take Notes

  • Panopto is very efficient at adjusting the rate of data streaming to match low bandwidth connections such as mobiles. Students using mobiles or those with low internet speeds will be able to view a Panopto recording as long as they have the following bandwidths:-

50 Kbps for audio-only presentations.

300 Kbps for presentations with one video stream, audio, PowerPoint and screen capture.

500 Kbps for presentations with multiple video streams.

Some students have had problems accessing Collaborate recordings due to their internet speed.  Uploading Collaborate recordings to Panopto will enable more students to access and view recordings.

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