Working in the Careers Team through Talent Bank - a guest blog by Oliwia

Welcome to another Student Employability Guest Blog! Read below about Oliwia’s experiences of how she got her student helper role for our own Careers Team! If you, like Oliwia, want to share your employability experiences in a blog, drop us an email on with your idea and you could shine on the official careers blog, too. But for now, sit back, relax and enjoy reading the piece below.


About Oliwia

My name is Oliwia and I have already completed my first year of Business Management at the University of Westminster. I have changed my path and decided to study Business Management & Economics from the second year. I would also like to do a sandwich course with a work placement because I believe that practising and gaining experience is the best way to learn. I am considering a career in finance/banking, ideally in a big organisation. I am originally from Poland. I like travelling, learning foreign languages and new challenges.  I am currently working as a student helper in the Careers and Employability Service team.

Why Talent Bank?

There are many reasons that motivated me to join Talent Bank. First of all, despite my young age, I have already gained some business experience and I wanted to improve my skills and develop new ones which can be useful in my future career. Two years ago, I got my first summer job in a company near London, working as a Sales Enquiries Analyst and Administration Assistant. A year later I got the opportunity to work there again, however this time I received more responsibilities. I was then not only dealing with incoming enquiries, preparing reports, managing leads but also covering reception and assisting accounts department.

This experience has helped me to better understand business processes and assured me that studying business is definitely for me. It also made me realise that I really enjoy working in an office and doing multiple tasks.  It motivated me to 💡 try things that are challenging because they are always the most beneficial for self-development and achieving what we want in life.

When I started my academic year at the university I was not aware of Talent Bank. I just knew that I would like to have a job that is relevant to my course over the summer. When my friend told me about joining Talent Bank, I was sure that it is an ideal option for me; I was also really excited and decided to register and apply. I found a position which interested me the most – Student Helper, Careers and Information Assistant. The application process was very straightforward. I received an invitation for the interview shortly after sending my CV and cover letter.

All about my first interview for a Talent Bank job

Before my interview, I received an email with instructions and useful links for preparation. Moreover, one of the requirements was to do a 2-minute presentation about Talent Bank and how I can encourage other students to join. I undertook detailed research about Engage, Talent Bank and Careers and Employability Service. It helped me to better understand the position and its daily responsibilities. For this reason and the fact that it wasn’t my first interview I wasn’t stressed when I met two members of the team. My managers welcomed me with smiles on their faces and the atmosphere at my interview was really friendly. 💡 It is important to always stay positive, be yourself and answer all of the questions clearly.

Words of Advice

In my opinion, Talent Bank has many advantages and gives us a chance to get a flexible, part-time job while studying. It is a good way to gain experience before applying for an internship or position in another organisation later on. The working environment is very pleasant, everyone in the team is always willing to help with any questions or problems.

💡 I would like to finish this blog by saying that it is also important to start thinking about your career as soon as you can and start working, gaining knowledge outside the University even if you are in your first year.


A big THANK YOU  to Oliwia for sharing her experiences with all of us! It feels truly great to have her in the team. And we especially love the final tip Oliwia shares – that it is never too early to start thinking about your career.

And remember that the Careers Team is here to help you with succeeding in your employability journey! You can find our contact details below:

DL: 0207 911 5184  | E: | Facebook | Careers Blog 


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