Joining Talent Bank - a guest blog by Mhanaj

Welcome to another Student Employability Guest Blog! Read below about Mhanaj’s experiences of how she joined Talent Bank and got her student helper role for our own Careers Team! If you, like Mhanaj, want to share your employability experiences in a blog, drop us an email on with your idea and you could shine on the official careers blog, too. But for now, sit back, relax and enjoy reading the piece below.


About Mhanaj

Joining Talent Bank - a guest blog by Mhanaj

My name is Mhanaj and I finished my first year BSc Computer Science at the University of Westminster.
I’m looking forward to starting my second year and I’m already researching for summer internship abroad, because I like the idea of travelling. The best part of it is being able to meet new people and get in contact with new cultures.
I always liked going to new places and learning new things and trying new foods. This is because I have moved around places when I was little but most of my life I have lived in Italy until 5 years ago when I moved to the UK for studies.
After my first year at the University of Westminster I got the opportunity to work as a student helper for the Careers and Employability Service.

                                          Talent Bank

At the beginning of my first year I found out about Talent Bank because I was looking into a part-time job at the university; and I knew it would be a good opportunity because I’d be able to manage my studies and gain more experience.
Previously, I’ve worked in retail for 3 years which gave me a lot of experience and skills in business and customer services. But, as I started my university, I realised that I’d like to work in a different environment which would be more manageable with my studies and lifestyle; and I’d like to gain a different type of skills and experiences.

Joining Talent Bank - a guest blog by Mhanaj

After finding out about Talent Bank I didn’t apply immediately for any jobs because I was still working in retail at that time but after finishing my first year I wanted to keep my summer busy – that’s where I found out about the Student Helper, Careers and Information Assistant position.
The process was very straightforward, I applied through the Talent Bank site where I had to submit my CV and Cover letter, after a couple of days I received an email invitation for an interview.


On the email invitation for the interview I received a breakdown of what the interview requires and other important information such us what time and where the interview will take place. This was the first time I had an interview which included a test and a 2-minute presentation, this was a bit unfamiliar to me but the University offered so much help via Engage; I was able to research and get the information that I needed to create a presentation and be prepared for the interview.

At the interview day I was surprised that I wasn’t as nervous as I usually am, I believe because I had the right information from my research and I was able to prepare myself with help from one of my friends.
The manager that welcomed me was really nice and reassured me that the interview will be simple which indeed it was.


In my opinion, Talent Bank is a great opportunity for students like me, especially when you’re studying full time. The University understands how important time is and working with Talent Bank I was able to manage my time but also learn so many skills that I didn’t have before; and also deepen my knowledge into communication and understand different responsibilities.
I also realised that the working environment here helped me to become more mature and work independently.

In conclusion I would like to finish this blog by saying that the University offers lots of opportunities and that is never too late to gain experiences and skills which will be really helpful in the future for the career(s) that you will choose.


A big THANK YOU  to Mhanaj for taking the time to write a guest blog for us! 

And remember that the Careers Team is here to help you with succeeding in your employability journey! You can find our contact details below:

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