Dealing with employer rejection can be emotionally crushing and affect self-confidence. It is important to remember rejection is a normal part of the job application process; it does not define who you are. We all agree obtaining a visa is challenging; however, focused graduates are persistent and possess emotional resilience to continue in the face of rejection. They have an inner drive and self-confidence to keep going and approach contacts through networking and regular coaching from careers consultants, academics or mentors. They are open to constructive criticism and seek advice from multiple channels such as representatives at Career Fairs or attend events organised by professional bodies. They continue searching until all channels are exhausted, however it is also important to recognise when to stop and focus on the return home.

Coping with rejection


Returning to your home country

Studying in London is beneficial for long-term career development but be realistic about opportunities and pay levels in your home country. There is not an automatic right to walk into a job, it is still necessary to market yourself to employers and compete with home graduates. Think about the key skills developed in the UK and the value added as a global graduate.

Here are some resources you may find helpful:

Working abroad

Tribal Group

Mercer Global Talent

World Economic Forum

International students job search strategy

Further Help

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