10% OFF VEGGIE FOOD Try it, you’ll love it! Chartwells is offering you the chance to try and increased selection of vegetarian meals this Monday, with a special discount of 10% off the cost of your veggie meal to whet your appetite and encourage you to eat less meat. Visit any of the Chartwells outlets this Monday to make the most of this opportunity! Did you know that 1kg of beef produces more greenhouse gases than driving for 150 miles? Cut your carbon the simple way by eating less meat. Find out more about why this matters hereMonday 6 February

DR BIKE SESSIONS Love your bike! Come and have your bike serviced for free by Dr Bike –  experienced cyclists and mechanics check everything on your bike from wheels, brakes, gears and tyre pressure to lights, racks, pedals, saddles and more. By the end, your bike will feel loved and cared for. Visit Dr Bike outside the 115 New Cavendish campus between 10-2pm on

RIDE YOUR BIKE – CYCLE TRAINING! Would you like to ride a bike but feel like you’re lacking in confidence? Come along to find out more and sign up for free cycle training we will be offering over the next month.  If you can’t make it but you’d still like further information email m.mackeith@westminster.ac.uk We’ll also be encouraging people to link up to resuce their car use  by raising awareness about the car sharing scheme gocarshare.com

GIVE AND TAKE DAY Your chance to pass on things you don’t want any more or pick up something you do. Harrow Campus – 11.30 – 4pm For more information see westminster.ac.uk/giveortakeTuesday 7 February

CAN FILM FESTIVAL – Wall-E Free Cinema Screening of Fyvie Hall, Regents Street, 6.30pm – ‘Empties for Entries’ Free entry with 10 empty drinks cans! Come and exchange your empty drinks cans for a free ticket to our Green Week cinema screening of Wall-E.  Bring along 10 empty cans (minimum) and see this critically acclaimed blockbuster on the big screen for free.  For further info please see here

GIVE AND TAKE DAY Your chance to pass on things you don’t want any more or pick up something you do. Regent Campus – 10.30-4.30pm. For more information see westminster.ac.uk/giveortake Wednesday  8 February

BIG SWITCH OFF On average UK households spend £35 a year each powering appliances left in standby mode. This is the energy used by certain appliances when they are not in use and not switched off at the plug. That’s quite a lot of money to spend powering the lights on your digibox! Think of all the electrical appliances you own – phone? Laptop? MP3 player? Digital camera? TV? digibox? DVD player? Hair straighteners? The list is endless… Join in with our switch off campaign by making sure that you switch off your appliances at the plug – Today we’re reminding you to really think about what you need to have plugged in, and switch everything else off at the plug. Start making the changes for tomorrow by acting today!

GIVE AND TAKE DAY Your chance to pass on things you don’t want any more or pick up something you do. Staff session – Cavendish House 11-4pm. For more information see westminster.ac.uk/giveortake   Thursday 9 February

Watch this space to find out our how University of Westminster will be taking part in the National Day of Action. Our university’s Pro Vice Chancellor will be signing up to the national petition, and we’re asking you to follow in her footsteps! Environmental Managers and VCs from across the UK will be signing up to a petition which recognises that when he came to power David Cameron promised that this Government would be the ‘Greenest Government ever’, and Myszka Guzkowska, our University’s Pro Vice Chancellor will be signing up too. We’re asking you to step up to the example set by Myszka, and email David Willets yourself, to Demand the “greenest government ever” when it comes to education. Why not take action on a wider scale too? Find out more about the day of action here – http://peopleandplanet.org/gogreenweek/take-action Friday 10 February

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