Our cleaning company are using Delphis Eco products, who are the First UK Cleaning supplier to make bottles from 100% recycled Plastic. They’ve also launch a campaign to Change Plastic Waste For Good.

"We’re creating a second life for single-use plastic, reducing the CO2 emissions that cause climate change and promoting a circular economy that turns rubbish into reusable resources."
Delphis Eco UK

Change Plastic Waste For Good!

Delphis Eco forms part of a global movement on plastics and are calling for all companies to clearly label a recycled content label to their packaging and fast forward the UK Plastic Pact target of 30% recycling content in all plastic packaging by 2025.

Help them raise money to fly an Eco Turtle Blimp at the Greta Thunberg Climate Change rally on the 20th September at Parliament Square. Donate here and share with your friends!



What's The Problem?

Today, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled. It’s ending up in our oceans and in landfill where it takes centuries to break down. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year, so if we are to protect our planet, we need to move faster.

With more and more virgin plastic being created, we need to show that there are already billions of reusable tonnes available that can be used in plastic packaging. 



What's the solution?

When businesses start publicising the quantity of recycled plastic in their packaging, it will fundamentally close the loop between ocean bound plastic and giving it a second life.

What's the end goal?

Our ultimate goal is to fast-forward the UK Plastics Pact (WRAP) target of 30% recycled content in all plastic packaging by 2025. It is possible to eliminate virgin plastic and we can do more, faster.

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