Bird Box Cam

Take a look at the live video feed of a family of Blue Tits nesting in a bird box at Harrow Campus. Check on the birds daily to get your nature fix whilst we’re on lockdown. 
We are currently waiting for 10 eggs to hatch which we are expecting to happen in the next week or so. The chicks will then live in the nest, dependent on their parents, for one month before they take their first flight.
Last years family of Blue Tits got a bit crowded! Hopefully we will see lots of activity this year too.
"I set up the box a couple of years ago and it was used almost immediately. This year's is the third brood and the second to have been followed on YouTube. This year's nest was started on March 18th and the eggs were laid on April 18th.  

There are other birds in that part of the university, the box is very high up - it's hanging outside a second storey office - and so blue tits are about the only thing prepared to nest that high. Blackbirds & robins etc tend to prefer hedges. There are a lot of magpies around, but they nest in trees. I feel rather sorry for the baby blue tits when they have to make their very first flight from the box ... it's very high up and they have never flown before!

This year's eggs (we've got ten) will hatch in the next week or so. After that it's about a month before they fly. If all this years eggs hatch then the university will have looked after at least thirty newborn blue tits over the last three years."
Charles Carroll
University of Westminster
Charles also provided us with some amazing shots from outside the bird box of the parents working hard to keep their family fed.
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