Carbon Dioxide is produced when fossil fuel such as gas, oil or diesel burnt in the air to produce energy for heating, electricity generation or transport. Carbon emissions are categorised as:

Scope 1

Produced directly by burning fuel on site such as gas for heating and diesel in vehicles 

Scope 2

Generated through the offsite generation, such as electricity 

Scope 3

Arising indirectly from core operations, including procurement of goods, business travel, waste disposal, water consumption and student and staff commuting

Energy produced by fossil fuel not only produced large amount of carbon dioxide, which affects climate change, but also contributes to other environmental problems including smog and acid rain.  
The university has a target to reduce 43% scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions from 2005-2006 baseline by 2020.  

We have exceeded our target and achieved 45% carbon reduction in 2019.  

We are in the progress of reviewing our performance and setting a new target for 2020 onwards. We aim to achieve building net zero carbon by 2030.  

Our Achievements

How Did We Achieve This?

We made the switch from fossil fuels to 100% renewable for our electricity supply; 69% from solar, 21% from hydro and 10% from thermal and anaerobic digestion ​

Rolling out LED lightings to external street and car park lights, halls communal areas and campus. 

Installed efficient lighting controls in line with the LED lighting upgrade 

Installed drives with flow controls to the motors and fans to control speed of machinery which decrease electricity usage 

Installed thermal insulation to most pipework in the plant rooms to prevent heat loss increasing efficiency.

Commissioned to reduce energy consumption in voltage dependent loads by adjusting and controlling voltage level on different sites

What Can You Do To Help?

Turn It Off
Remember to switch off your PC screen, meeting room lights and laptop charger when not in use. It can make a real difference!

Report It
If you think there’s an issue with lighting or heating. Report it to the local receptionist or Estates Helpdesk

Give Us Your Ideas
Feel free to email us at 

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