Hip FLEXORS, the bane of my life!

Here’s a few of my personal favourites and one in particular that I see so many people doing wrong


(can you possibly tell that this is the one people get wrong?!)

Very similar to the couch stretch from a couple of weeks ago.

Kneeling on the floor, if this is uncomfortable roll up a mat or place cushion under knee.

Tuck pelvis under by contracting glutes.

Lean forward but maintain a good position with lower back, don’t let it curve – this is where people go wrong.

(Dancing during, optional.)


Start in a plank position.

Bring one leg as close to your hands as possible, knee and ankle should be in line. Foot is going to the outside of your hand.

Drop back knee down.

You can stay here or to increase the feeling, lower yourself down to the floor on your forearms or to a block / book.

Try not to round through your back, keep the focus on your thigh that is behind you.


Same start position as the Wide Leg Lizard but turn your foot to the side and allow your body to follow.

You should drop into your hips, chest and torso facing same direction as your foot.

Other leg is long and outstretched.

Looking to feel this in your glutes..


Look to preform each one for roughly 30 secs roughly 5-6 breaths.

Remember be sensible, if any of these movements hurt or really aggravate conditions don’t do them.

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