Last one this section and as mentioned something a little bit different.

Now, you do need a ball, it doesn’t have to be one of these rubber balls, it could be a cricket, tennis ball or even a golf ball. Just something round that will be able to withstand a bit of pressure on it.


To locate the TFL, find your “hip bone” and roll off to the side. Or another way, it is roughly located where your trouser pockets would be.

Once you’ve found the spot, place the ball there and hold it or it will roll away, then roll onto the ball.

Now I’m afraid to say if your first reaction is to yelp in pain or flinch, chances you are actually in the right place and similar to me have a really and I mean a REALLY tight TFL.

Then you just sit and breath. Try not to hold your breath as this will force the muscle to tighten which is not what we want.

If you want to do small circles on the ball this would be useful too.

Then obviously switch onto the other side.

Timings for this anywhere between 40 secs to 2 mins. Could be painful so please keep breathing, if it feels too much use your arms to push off the floor slightly which will reduce the pressure being applied to the ball.


Aka Controlled Articulated Rotations. – ⚠️[Disclaimer, any recent hip injuries/surgeries – this is NOT for you.]⚠️

What we are doing here is taking the hip through all the ranges of movement possible at the joint.

I would suggest trying the floor position first and then advancing to standing.

You are basically drawing your hip joint around in a circle, but a controlled, reaching the end range of movement circle.

Firstly drive your knee up towards your chest as far as it will go

Then take the knee out to the side.

This is where it gets tricky, you want to think about turning your hip inwards. (This will actually mean your knee faces downwards and foot goes out to the side in the opposite direction).

Then bring the knee back down to meet the other.

Finally, reverse this movement so 1 “repetition” is drawing your hip in one direction and back again.

Whilst doing this try to keep your hips equal, not hiking one up and not too much arching from the back. There will be some movement but you shouldn’t be looking like a scared cat!

This should be done slow and controlled.

Aim for 4-5 solid, good reps. It might feel clunky – that’s okay, any sharp, shooting pain – I suggest this exercise is not for you.

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