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Change For Good is a simple message – a positive change and one that is permanent- it fully encapsulates what it is to be socially responsible and sustainable. It brings together our corporate social responsibility, wellbeing and sustainability work to ensure we are working towards the same goals.

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Corporate Social Responsibilty

What makes the University of Westminster distinctive can be found in our history as the UK’s first polytechnic, established almost 200 years ago to educate the working people of London.

Our Social Responsibility Strategy places our history, revitalised, in a 21st century context, re-establishing our connection to and place within our local London wide communities, helping more individuals and communities develop through our learning, teaching, research and professional activities, making a stronger contribution to wellbeing and inclusion.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Team support and deliver programmes and activities that provide a whole institution holistic approach to social responsibility making a measurable change for good to the well-being, health, culture and progression of our students, colleagues, local and international communities

Students who want to find out about engaging with our communities through Volunteering go to the How To Get Involved section of the blog

All Students, Colleagues and friends are invited to engage and can contact the CSR Team at csr@westminster.ac.uk with feedback, blog articles and ideas to make a change for good

Andy Norris, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
University of Westminster, Mob: 07800 860931  http://www.westminster.ac.uk/

Sustainability Team

At the University of Westminster, the Sustainability Team are addressing the everyday issues of environmental sustainability by understanding our impacts and measuring our results. 

We have been making great strides towards reducing the environmental impact of campus operations and activities. From incorporating sustainability into procurement to supporting staff and student led projects, sustainable practices and policies are built into the University. To help with this commitment to continuous environmental improvements, the University participates in the Eco Campus scheme and currently holds a Gold certificate for our sustainability program.

Click Here to see how we create a sustainable campus. 

As a student or as a member of staff you can also support the University’s sustainability performance. Do you have a great idea that could assist us to save energy, reuse more waste, build more biologically diverse habitats, incorporate sustainable travel options or reduce other sustainability impacts? We are open to all ideas so please get in touch. You can get in touch with the sustainability team at sustainability@westminster.ac.uk

We are using the sustainable development goals as a framework to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. This benefits the university by:

  1. Bring all activities across the University together under one framework to show achievements, impact and progress.
  2. Raise awareness of sustainability and other issues across the University and encourage everyone to get involved .
  3. Help develop a network between staff/students with similar projects and ideas.
  4. Report annually on achievements.
  5. Measure success through the THE ranking.
 Find out more about our work with the Sustainable Development Goals here.

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