In Conversation with Henry Egbums

10:30am - 11:30am, Monday 23rd May 2022

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Henry Egbums

Henry Egbums

Social Sciences

I am a first year PhD student in Psychology. My PhD thesis focuses on the assessment of children’s value structure and priorities in Africa. It will also explore the therapeutic application of value-based theories. This project links naturally with my academic and work experience.  

I have previously completed an undergraduate degree in psychology, counselling and therapies and a master’s degree in research in clinical psychology and a diploma in mental health nursing.

I have worked in the health sector for over 10 years with service users such as children, adolescents and adults with various needs such as mental health difficulty, severe and profound learning disability, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression, psychosis, social and emotional difficulties, autism spectrum condition, communication difficulties and dementia in various settings such as general hospitals, mental health units, care homes and special needs school.

Values are strongly associated with emotion and emotions in turn are strongly associated with mental well-being. As someone who has worked with children and young people with complex emotional and psychological challenges, I believe that young people have the capacity to achieve their innate potentials, most especially when they are inspired to dream big, discover, develop, and to deploy their talents.  

Thus, my research interest includes child and family psychology, development of children across lifespan, personal and national development, and psychotherapy. I published my first book in early childhood development in 2017. My long-term goal, amongst other interests, is to lecture and conduct research in the field of psychology.

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