About Hyphen Collective

displacement-assemblage is an online exhibition that brings together the work of practice-based PhD researchers at CREAM for the University of Westminster’s Graduate School Festival. The exhibition features 9 artists working across a range of media including video, photography, performance, archival and curatorial research, ceramics and digital media. During a time in which multiple interruptions, separations and confinements have become part of many everyday lives, displacement-assemblage aims to propose a portal through which a set of dispersed research-practices can reconnect and come into conversation with one another.

The Hyphen Collective is an interdisciplinary platform for critical thinking and practice-based research, convened by PhD researchers and alumni from the University of Westminster. Together, the collective organises group exhibitions, research events and symposia, and publishes the open-access journal Hyphen http://hy-phen.space/journal.

The aims of Hyphen Collective are:

  • to provide a focus for developing a rich and collaborative research culture and environment;
  • to establish both a formal and informal structure where PhD researchers can network, share, propose new initiatives and support each other;
  • – an opportunity for community-making and sharing of research;
  • an opportunity to develop skills such as presentation, curation and editorial work in collaboration with peers.

Hyphen Collective aims to bring different practices of creative research in conversation with each other. Based at CREAM and CAMRI, the collective welcomes and encourages PhD researchers from all disciplines to join and actively participate. If you would like to contribute to one of our activities, exhibitions or journal issues, please get in contact hyphen.editorial@gmail.com or visit our website http://hy-phen.space.

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