Displacement–assemblage: an exhibition of research practice

Dellores Laing


In 1958 the Pathé newsreel ‘Old Master Fashions’ presented a couture collection of the now overlooked London based Rahvis Sisters.

My film disturbs and decelerates this documentary, challenging linear temporality and dominant narrative methods. By a process of recycling and rebuilding, oppressive language and embodied knowledge is interrogated by a counter prose/text veiling the stretched film. This is a conduit for a feminist exploration of reimagined space and time, disrupting notions of orthodox chronologies and patriarchal historiographies.


Performer, Costume and Sound Score Designer, Writer, Vinyl DJ and Educator, Dellores has exhibited internationally. Establishing her own independent imprint Legg & Wallis in 2013, Dellores continues to make work, write, edit and publish poetry and prose. 

Following a firm belief in, and having curated events that generate an interdisciplinary approach, Dellores’ artistic practice engages in the potency of Fashion, Sound, Space, Media, Culture and Society within an interventionist methodology. 

Dellores is also the proud mother of Inez, a newly qualified doctor, and having successfully gained a Full Time TECHNE Studentship, is now devoting her energies to undertaking a Practice and Theory MPhil/PhD Blithe Spirits: Absent British Women Couturiers – The Rahvis Sisters (1928 – 1981) at the University of Westminster

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