Displacement–assemblage: an exhibition of research practice

Reka Komoli

THIS TOO SHALL PASS: A Photographic Interrogation of Post-Communist Hungary

Reka Komoli’s innovative and complex photographic project drills down into the psyche of post-communist Hungary. She has travelled through the economically crippled towns of the industrial heartland of her former home country, recording the architectural and societal palimpsest that was once the all-encompassing Soviet occupation. Her vision is to refract the photographic record of the Soviet ruins through a visual framing that reflects the prefabricated concrete housing blocks, which were almost universal in the later decades of communist Hungary.

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THIS TOO SHALL PASS: A Photographic Interrogation of Post-Communist Hungary. Copyright Reka Komoli


Reka is a third-year PhD student in a research-led, practice-based photography programme at the University of Westminster. She previously obtained a Master’s Degree in Photographic Studies at the same institution, developing a body of work that examined the concept of personal identity through photographs of archaic ruins. Her photographic work has been exhibited in London, New York, Vilnius, Budapest, and St Petersburg. In the course of her doctoral practice, she has explored and photographed many sites of the vanishing urban heritage of communism in Hungary.

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