Displacement–assemblage: an exhibition of research practice

Stav B

No. I don't think so.

February 2021

No. I don’t think so is a homage to the broken/ finished/ fixed/ resolved/ completed relationship with the ex-motherland. Familiar, nostalgic, melancholy sounds, fill the cold and dark room. Memories, dances and the ultimate catharsis. 


I am a visual artist, conceiving and manifesting an interdisciplinary body of work, that I have been developing and expanding: Spoken word, Live Art, Installation, Video and Sound. My current practice combines all of these elements, which have been incorporated and synthetically established for a multimedia presentation. 

My work is placed at the junctions of visual art and performance and deals with the on-going theme of (sexual) identity, love, the politics of the female gaze, the aesthetics of beauty, obsession and transformation, nature and evolution. The linear progress of my body of work has shaped my direction and focus. I am currently a first year PhD Candidate at CREAM.

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