Live Sessions

The below workshops, run by a combination of University of Westminster colleagues and external facilitators, aim to support colleagues at any stage of their career and at any stage of the research life-cycle.

Please find more information and book places at workshops via the below links as early as possible to avoid disappointment and if you’ve any questions, do get in touch at

VRE Researcher Profiles Drop-In Sessions

Join us at the below dates to ask any questions about recent developments to your Researcher Profiles on the external website and on Westminster Research.

Monday 12th September, 11-11:30

Monday 12th September, 2-2:30

Wednesday 14th September, 11-11:30

Wednedsay 14th September, 2-2:30

If you have any problems accessing these sessions, please contact Jeeshan at

Introduction to Research Funding

An overview of the internal and external funding landscape with helpful tips and an overview of UoW funding processes.

Wednesday 2nd November, 2 – 4

Friday 3rd March, 10:30 – 12:30


Introduction to Data Management

An introduction to research data management good practice and overview of some internal support at UoW.

Friday 4th November, 3-4


Introduction to Research Impact

An introduction to what strong research impact looks like and how to capture it.

Wednesday 16th November, 2 – 3:30

Thursday 2nd March, 3 – 4:30



Ethical Considerations

An overview of core ethical ideas to consider when undertaking research, including interactive tasks and an overview of UoW processes.

Wednesday 22nd March, 2 – 3:30

Managing Research Relationships

An interactive workshop from VOX Coaching, honing in on strategies for managing the range of relationships researchers must navigate.

Monday 28th November, 9:30 – 12:30

Growing Your Profile with The Conversation

An interactive session with an editor from The Conversation outlining what The Conversation is – their origins, aims; what they do and why.

Monday 16th January, 10:30 – 12:30



Engaging the Media with Your Research

Join this workshop to learn about why it is important to share your research with the media, how you can go about getting started, and finally who you can get in touch both within and beyond the University.

Thursday 19th January, 10 – 12

Writing for Public Audiences

A chance to explore how to write your research story for public audiences, who your target audiences may be and how to get the most impact out of the written word.

Friday 20th January, 10 – 12

Writing Quality Papers

Delivered by ThinkWrite, this workshop will boost your confidence with writing papers and introduce new ways to think about the process.

Tuesday 14th February, 10 – 1


Funding Practice Research

A look at approaches to finding funding for practice-based research in the Westminster context.

Monday 20th February, 2-3

Collaboration with Business

This workshop explores the number of ways your research can benefit business and business can benefit your research.

Wednesday 1st March, 11 – 12:30


Disseminating Publications

An overview of the UW Press, approaches to disseminating your work and growing your academic profile.

Monday 8th May, 10 – 12



The Conversation – 121 Meetings

Book a one to one appointment with an editor from The Conversation to discuss your research or a potential story idea.

Friday 12th May, 2 – 4

Values 101

Values 101 is Common Cause Foundation’s flagship introductory workshop series. Over the course of 5 two-hour sessions, to be held on five Wednesday mornings in June and July 2023, participants will be introduced to the social psychology of human values and explore how an understanding of values can increase wellbeing and create a supportive research culture.

This workshop will take place from 10-12 on the below dates. Please note, in signing up to this course, you are committing to attend all five of these dates:


– Wednesday 14th June 2023

– Wednesday 21st June 2023

– Wednesday 28th June 2023

– Wednesday 5th July 2023

– Wednesday 12th July 2023