Can you please tell a bit about yourself and the business that you are involved in?

Well, I am 22 yrs. old Swiss/Italian boy that grew up in Switzerland. I took a gap year between high school and University and worked in Switzerland (Medical) and Asia (Textile) for about 9 months. After that I created a bracelet brand called “Woody Buddy” and spent about a year and a half on that. I recently created a company in Switzerland called “The Green Van Company” (This one is my BABY!) The goal is to deliver some fresh and healthy food in the universities of Switzerland.

What would you most like to learn in this Entrepreneurship Pathway that would help you in the future?

What I would like to learn here at Westminster is first of all how to manage a company and to launch a start-up from nothing and also the way people interact with each other the theory of Entrepreneurship. I’m also looking to enhance my experience with the opportunities available around me.

The Green Van Company


Which Three Adjectives Describe Your Strengths?

I would say:

  • Different
  • Sociable
  • Determined.

Entrepreneurship Pathway


Tell me about your first entrepreneurial experience as a kid?

( smiles) My first entrepreneurial experience was during secondary school, I had a Telecom business with my actual partner. During the breaks in the morning my classmates and even the teachers were giving us the orders (case, covers, phones or accessories). Then during the lunch break I was going in my room, where my stock was located  and on my return I would distribute all the goods before going to class.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? 

My greatest achievement is the Entrepreneurial Society. I am so happy and excited to see all of these people tighter working for the same goal with this positive energy. The synergy within the group is amazing!

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What’s your most memorable experience as an entrepreneur? 

Definitely the Telecom one! I was spending more time on my business than I was spending time revising for my course…

What do you consider to be success as an entrepreneur?

I think passion is one of the most important things, without passion and dedication one can’t consider itself an entrepreneur. With passion it’s pleasure and so you dedicate much more time and put more effort. Ohh and hard work, very important!

How is running a successful business different than what you thought it would be?

This one is tricky! I would say TOTALLY DIFFERENT even more ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT. Running a successful business is a 24/7 job. Most of the time the reality is very different from the perception we have or would have of running a successful business.
It is different in every single aspect as we start with no experience and learn by ourselves the different technics we need to use or think we need to use to grow and to become successful.

How do you think being an entrepreneur has turned you into a better person?

I can’t say that it turned me into a better person, but I can say that I acquired many strengths and technics that made my personality as an entrepreneur. It might have changed something as a human being I have to say that I care more about people now!

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