Last week Westminster Business School welcomed well over 1000 new undergraduate students onto campus. Joining us from all over the world, we have a fantastic mix of young people from over 150 countries, creating a cultural melting pot which brings with it fresh ideas, different perspectives and new energy. To start their journey, our students engage with a range of social orientation activities, which helps them to get their bearings, build friendships and get a good introduction to their course. One of our largest cohorts, the Business Management BA (BABM) course enjoyed their first event of the year last week: the annual social event ‘BABM get-together at The Drum At Wembley.’ These new students had a day full of socialising and taking part in interactive team building business activities. It was the perfect chance to meet fellow students who they would be working alongside throughout the year and to get a taster of what a business degree really involves.

Business Management students get stuck in

The main business activity was designed to get our new students working together as a team, encourage innovation & develop strategic thinking. Put into groups of five, each team had to identify a gap in the market and create their own business idea/product/service to fill that gap. The activity incorporated real-life aspects of creating your own business such as using segmentation techniques to identify key target audiences; and research into the location in which that business was going to operate. Ultimately they had to come up with a marketing plan that would work. And of course because it’s always nice to encourage a bit of healthy competition, there was a prize of £500 worth of vouchers up for grabs.

Getting to know our new students

As a guest and onlooker for the day, I was able to take the opportunity to speak with our new students and find out more about why they chose Westminster and how they were enjoying their new start:

“I am originally from Italy and I picked this university because it is a good university in London. I chose London specifically as there are a lot of opportunities. I wanted to develop my English skills as this is the main language spoken across the world.” Alberto “I have lived in London for 10 years and wanted to stay here. I chose business as I was good at it at college and Westminster Business School offers a placement scheme which I am interested in doing.” Matias
“I picked Westminster as it is a good university for businesses courses and the modules looked interesting and appealing to me.” Jasmine                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
“I am originally from Bulgaria and I moved to the UK 5 years ago. I picked London as I have always wanted to live here and experience London life.” Mila                                                                                                                                                                        
“I picked Business Management BA at the Westminster Business School as I have studied Business before and I thought it would be good to get some qualifications from a good university.” Christina
“I decided on the Business Management BA because I want to start my own business and be successful. I am originally from Birmingham and I chose to come to London as I want to experience what it is like living in London. I am looking forward to becoming more independent and trying new things such as cooking my own food.” Haseeb                                                                                                                        
” I chose Business Management BA as I have always been interested in Business and studying it at college made me want to learn more about it at a good university.” Umar
Students getting to know each other and sharing ideas
Business Management students brainstorming business ideas

The new students showed their creativity and innovation with the ideas they were brainstorming. The ideas ranged from apps to services that would help to make the life of a student easier. One app idea was to make finding a barber or hair salon easier for students, through ratings and showing those in close proximity. Another idea was a building which was specifically designated for family and friends of university students to stay whilst they visit them. The building consisted of leisure services such as an arcade and a rooftop bar for family and friends to unwind.

“I really liked the concept of today as it was very social and a good way of getting a sense of what the course would actually be like. I learned team work skills definitely and how to brain storm new ideas and I learnt how to give constructive criticism to my team members.” Victoria

Some words from the Friends of Arriving New Students (FANS)

FANS are second and third year students who help new students (called FANettes) settle into university by providing help and support in the first couple of weeks. The FANS were able to catch up with their FANettes and provide their support at the social event. Here’s what two of our FANS had to say about their roles!

“I chose to become a FAN because last year my FAN was really helpful and made my first week at university great. I was inspired by her to become a FAN this year and give the same kind of help to other new students.” Darshan
“I study Business Management (Entrepreneurship). I chose to be a FAN because I wanted to be a small part of something big and have a positive impact to the students first few weeks at the university and help them to integrate well. I remember being in their position last year and I think it is good for them to get a students’ perspective, someone who has been through everything that they will be going through.” Martina

The competition results

This year, all of the groups had some amazing ideas and the judges could not decide between the three groups that they really liked. So it was left to the audience to do a vote based on their pitches. Congratulations to the runners up and to the winning team Better Assistance Better Learning (BABL) who pitched their idea of a tailored one to one tuition service for students that was a not-for-profit social enterprise. Well done guys and enjoy the prize of £500 worth of vouchers!

One of the runners up, pitching their idea
The other runners up, presenting their idea
The winners, BABL!

If you want to see more photos of the event, visit our Facebook photo album.

To find out more about Westminster’s Business Management BA please visit the course page and to find out what last years students got up to, please read this blog.

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