If you’re looking to study and intern on a semester abroad, this interview with incoming student Kerigan Medieros will give you a better idea of what to expect from Westminster’s Undergraduate Semester Internship Study Abroad Programme

Introducing Kerigan Medeiros.

Hello! My name is Kerigan Medeiros and I’m from Massachusetts, USA.  I study Business Economics with a minor in Arts and Entertainment Management at Pace University in New York City. Here in London I did a marketing internship at Point Blank Music School via the University of Westminster’s semester abroad programme. Point Blank is an electronic music school that teaches courses in production, radio, singing and songwriting, and DJing.

Harry Potter Studio!

Why did you choose to come to London to study and do an internship?

I plan on working in the music industry once I graduate and always knew I wanted to study abroad at some point during my undergraduate studies. When I was looking for destinations, I took into account what the music culture was like in the cities I was thinking of studying in. I ultimately decided to come to London because there is such a large music culture. While living here I got to listen to and experience a different music life than what I was used to at home.

Afternoon tea

What was your internship experience like – from planning to actually arriving in London?

The process of securing an internship was super easy! The team at Westminster were really helpful with checking over your CV and making sure you had all the elements you needed.  They simplified the entire process by being the intermediary between you and the employers.  They keep you updated on everything and they answer any of your questions.  Point Blank was my first interview and my top choice for my internship so I didn’t hesitate to accept their offer!

At my internship with Point Blank I did a lot with their social media.  I would write tweets to be scheduled for over the weekend and create new tweets for contests or promotions they had.  I also got to look up funny music memes for the Point Blank Facebook page if I had any down time.  One thing I had never done before that I loved was being able to listen to the mixes that students made for contests and give my input on who the winner would be.

Working with everyone at Point Blank showed me that even though the US and the UK are very similar, their work environments are strikingly different.  At my US internships I was given specific deadlines for when I needed to have things done and I was told exactly how to do them.  My internship with Point Blank gave me much more freedom.  The environment is much more laid back and I had to work on my own time management to be able to get things done in a good amount of time.  Overall, I loved my experience there and everyone was so incredible!


Please tell us more about your experiences at the University of Westminster.

I found that classes here were run completely different than the way they are at my home university.  At Pace University (New York) there are very few classes that have both a lecture and a seminar.  The majority of our classes are small and discussion based.  It was definitely something I had to get used to, especially if I had my seminar before my lecture so I had to do work before I actually learned how to do it.  The students here at Westminster were really helpful in helping me to adjust to the different school environment.  I had a group project in my International Economics class and a lot of us were from different countries.  It was great getting to chat with one another about where we were from and how we may do things differently.  I also got to learn some of the crazy London slang that is used!

Work life

How did you find your experience of studying at the Westminster Business School?

I’m really happy that I decided to live on the Marylebone campus!  The rooms (especially the bathrooms) are tiny, but coming from New York that was something I was already pretty used to.  Also the central location of the campus completely makes up for it.  The restaurants on Marylebone High St. where it turns into James St. were my favorite! There was a waffle shop that I went to with friends at least once a week.  Also having Chipotle and Pizza Express around the corner were a nice perk.  On warmer days I loved walking around or eating my lunch at Regent’s Park and if I had some time I would go hang out in Camden (my favorite place in the city)!

A trip to Rome

Would you recommend the Internship Programme to other students?

I would 100% recommend doing the internship programme!  Not only do you get work experience abroad, but I also made a lot of friends during the internship module.  It can be a lot of work, so I recommend staying on top of all your coursework and not procrastinating.  I am a HUGE procrastinator and I would have been very stressed out if I left all my school work to the last minute.

Travelling in the UK

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

When you’re studying abroad make sure to go out, explore, and travel to different places!  London and the rest of Europe has so much to offer!  There is so much to do in London! Go to all the markets, pubs, musicals, museums, and definitely do all the tourist attractions! You won’t regret it!  I also travelled within the UK to Oxford, Dover, and Bath. Going to these places were some of my favorite experiences while here.  It’s easiest to travel within the UK by doing it through the Social Programme that Westminster has.  Definitely sign up for their trips and events! The Harry Potter Studio tour they had may have been the best day of my life.

Traveling throughout Europe is also so easy! I wasn’t able to do it very frequently because I chose to work on Fridays, but it is still definitely possible.  I went to Rome for a weekend and it was BEAUTIFUL and I didn’t want to leave!  I’ll also be traveling to Berlin and Budapest before I fly back home for the holidays.  If you have the opportunity to do these things, don’t miss your chance!  They are definitely memories I will have forever!

Thanks to Kerigan for this interview! Find out more about Westminster’s Undergraduate Semester Internship Study Abroad Programme on our Education Abroad webpage or read our other blogs in this series! The internship element of this programme is organised by Westminster Business School’s Business Experience Team, which sits within the University’s Career Development Centre.

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