On Tuesday 11th July, the Westminster Business School celebrated the graduation of students who had completed their time here with us. We had BA Marketing Management student, Laila Beyan there on the day to report on all of the highlights!

As soon as I stepped into the Royal Festival Hall, I could feel the atmosphere of love, warmth and relief, from the students and their proud family and friends who came to support them on an eventful day.

The Southbank Centre, which is usually a quiet place to unwind and a home to musical and artistic events across the year, was transformed into a buzzing place of activities going on, from people getting their gowns and hats fitted, taking photos with family and friends that will last a lifetime and the alumni team encouraging students to join the network of graduates.


The ceremony began with music from the orchestra, which welcomed on our academic procession to take the stage. Professor Malcolm Kirkup started the ceremony with an inspiring speech to the new graduates, where he spoke about the students achievements from the year – such as Lauren and Nadia who set up their own art cafe Spilt Milk and Pascal Sabatnig, president of the Entrepreneurial Society who completely rebranded it’s image.

Dean of Westminster Business School, Malcolm Kirkup congratulating students on both their academic achievements and extra curricular activities

The room was now buzzing with anticipation as the students were going to be called on stage one by one. Nervous energy filled the air as students worried about falling over on stage or making sure they perfected their poses. The stage was flooded with smiles, victory stances, selfies with the chancellor and even a few dabs as students went up to collect their awards – not a single trip in sight!




We also had an exclusive Snapchat filter for the special day which students were thrilled to use! Make sure you’re following us over on our Snapchat at ‘uw.wbs’.


After all of the awards were handed out, the ceremony closed with speeches from the chancellor and a sign off from your Students Union reps Salsa and Tasawar.

Students’ Union members, Vice President of Marylebone Salsabil Al-Siri and Vice President of Regent and Little Titchfield Street Tasawar Khurshid sharing their words of wisdom 


The Westminster Business School also celebrated it’s PhD academics and awarded Dame Heather Rabbatts with an Honorary Doctor of Letters, whose stellar career covers law, politics, media and sport. Congratulations!

Moustafa Hajj Youssef, one of many students who completed their PhD
Dame Heather Rabbatts, awarded a Honorary Doctor of Letters

After receiving their certificates, the new graduates celebrated their success with the drinks and food reception with their family and friends. A well-deserved way to end the 3/4 years spent here.

I spoke to fellow students who I had studied with for the past two years and got a few words of reflection on their time here.

Zahra Noor, Business Management – Marketing                                                                                                                               
My highlight of my time here was meeting all the amazing people from all over the world and creating memories that I will always remember. My future plans are to go with the flow and see what comes my way. I will continue to have fun and enjoy everything I do including the job end up in.                                                                                                                                                                                     
Ismail Gokce, Business Management – Law                                                                                                                                                         
One thing I really liked was my degree and the variety of modules I got to study, it really broadened my knowledge of the subject. My future plans is to get married and count my millions with my wife and kids!
Hafsah Mohammed, BA Business Management – International Business                                                                                     
My highlight of studying here at Westminster is meeting all the different people. As an international student from Kuwait it was a great opportunity to come to a campus based in central London and meet a diverse mix of people. I am working on co-founding a proofreading and editing company, I have done ad hoc freelance work while I studied but now I plan to take it to the next level!
Juma Mohammad Juma Abdulla Alfalasi, Business Management-Finance and Financial Services  

I am from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I really enjoyed my time here at Westminster because the tutors and professors are really good. What I loved most was I got to work with people of different nationalities and I created a diverse network of people. What I hope for the future is that I succeed and I hope all my friends succeed.

Usman Amir, BA Marketing Management                                                                                          
The highlight has got to be me hiding in the library during the Christmas holidays trying to revise for January exams, the security guard clocked us in the end but I made it! My plan for the future is to become a baller!
André Tieni Vidigal, BA International Marketing

I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and moved to Italy in 2008. I fell in love with London on holiday and saw Westminster Business School’s building when I visited Madame Tussaud’s, months later I moved here.                                                       
The course is much more holistic than the other marketing courses as it also involves the international aspects of marketing that should be observed by companies, such as culture, language, legal, political, economic and so on.           
My course offered the option to take a year out for an internship, and I had the opportunity to work in the marketing department at Westminster Business School. The internship was the biggest highlight as due to my contribution to improve the student newsletter I was nominated at the Staff Appreciation Awards, which is a huge acknowledgement. Another highlight was being part of The Entrepreneurial Society: we organised a series of events, which engaged hundreds of students as well as the wider community.                                                                                          
My future plans are I will be taking a Master’s. I decided on Business Information Systems as I think it will be a great complement to my bachelor’s degree: obtaining insights from Big Data is very important for companies to remain competitive.                                                                                                                                                                                                     
I am very proud of my achievements of getting a first class honours and I thank Westminster Business School for giving me the foundation of my higher education and enabling me to pursue new goals and further my life ambitions.




Well done to everyone who made it this far and I wish you all success for what the future holds. Make sure to stay in touch with the alumni and receive all the perks of being a Westminster Business School graduate!  

View all of the images from the day over on our Facebook page.

Thank you to Marketing Management student and Westminster Business School Marketing Assistant, Laila Beyan for reporting on the day and congratulations to all of our students who graduated!

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