Why study a Masters in 2020?

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Wondering whether a Postgraduate degree is right for you? Find out more about why we believe 2020 is the ideal time for you to further your study…

1. Boost your career for a new decade

This is the most popular reason for students to study a Master’s degree*. If you are looking to supercharge your career prospects and gain access to the top jobs in your industry, a Master’s degree could be the way to go. 76% of Masters’ graduates are in a highly skilled or managerial role compared to 65% of graduates and 23% of non-graduates*. Courses at Westminster have over 40 separate professional bodies offering accreditation, approval or membership for studying students. Have a look at our alumni stories and find out how to make 2020 the year to gain the skills you need to reach your career aspirations.

2. Access to support with funding your studies 

When studying a Masters, the cost is a key factor to consider. Fortunately, financial support is available. You may be eligible to secure a Postgraduate Master’s Loan of up to £10,906 through Student Finance England and Wales. We are also one of the few UK universities to offer full Postgraduate scholarships in addition to a range of part-tuition and course-specific scholarships to support your financial needs. Join our community of over 4,000 Postgraduate students with some financial peace of mind.

3. Become an expert

Are you ready to be an expert? In 2020 and beyond, employers are looking for candidates to have more and more expertise in their field. Get qualified in your area of interest, from Applied Biotechnology to Urban Design. With over 250 postgraduate courses at University of Westminster, we support you in becoming a specialist: see our full range of courses here.

4. Make a change for 2020

Is a change on your horizon? Whether you want to change career direction or develop your knowledge in your chosen field, a Postgraduate degree could be the right move for you. Over 85% of all Westminster students are in work or further study six months after graduation – make your decade count!

5. Study in the heart of London

Be part of a global city, sharing an intellectual space with your peers from across the world. Our Westminster campuses are in central London so whether you are looking to discover a new city, already work in London and want to capitalise on our excellent location, or want to explore more of this wonderful city – this can be your base to call home. Find out everything that this vibrant city has to offer.

6. Stand out from the crowd

If you need that added boost to your personal profile to stand out even more, make 2020 your year to study a Master’s degree. The Postgraduate salary premium over first degrees is on average £6,000^, so standing out can benefit you in more ways than one. At a time where more people more than ever are attending University at Undergraduate level, you can enhance your expertise and professional profile with a Postgraduate degree.

7. Follow your passion

A Postgraduate degree will offer you the opportunity not only to study an area you are passionate about, but also for you to become an expert in this field. We always want to support you in following your passion – whether it may be to enrich your understanding of subject area or achieve your dream career.  

8. Enhance your personal development

We offer you opportunities to expand your personal skills that will assist you in both the workplace and in your daily life, such as confidence building, public speaking, teamwork, creativity and resilience. We are a community at University of Westminster and want to help you become the best version of yourself. Our careers and employability service can also help you define and meet your career aspirations. This is even available to students up to three years after graduation.

9. Build your connections

With regular talks from industry professionals, leading academics and a friendly community of students and alumni, studying a Postgraduate degree at Westminster is an opportunity to build a strong network of professionals and enhance your career prospects. As one of the UK’s most diverse universities, you will also benefit from joining a friendly community of students from many backgrounds and cultures, enriching your university experience.

10. Show yourself you can

If you are concerned about whether or not a Postgraduate degree could be right for you, make sure you have full confidence that you can if you want to. At Westminster we are recognised for providing all the support you need including academic guidance, careers and employment advice, coaching and mentoring schemes, accommodation assistance and much more.


*Prospects: https://www.prospects.ac.uk/postgraduate-study/masters-degrees/should-i-do-a-masters

**Graduate Labour Market Statistics 2018


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