Why You Should Join the Westminster Employability Award

The Westminster Employability Award is a scheme for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students to develop key employment skills and gain work experience during their time at University. It helps you to develop your personal skillset and show employers that you have…

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Text on a pink background which reads "You Can Do It"

Ways to Keep Yourself Going When You Can’t Go Anywhere: Lockdown Coping Strategies

Lockdown is hard on all of us. Instead of studying on campus, making new friends – we are stuck inside on our laptops every day. It can be hard to find the motivation to knuckle down and study. Some days…

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Returning to University: Why Careers Support Is Important and How You Can Access It

  I am a fulltime Postgraduate Student here at Westminster, studying Public Relations. I graduated with my Undergraduate degree in 2018 and left not really knowing where I wanted my life to go. After spending the next two years working,…

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