Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

An innovative scheme to work with industry and generate impact


What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships?

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) are a well-established scheme from Innovate UK. The programme enables a three-way collaboration between industry partners, university researchers and a qualified graduate specifically appointed for the project (known as an “Associate”). The partnership can last between 12-36 months and provides a great opportunity for university researchers to develop projects with industry partners in a way that grows research activities and creates impact.

The KTP project is designed as a collaboration between the research team and the industry partner to facilitate the transfer of knowledge into industry. For example, the project could work on refining or designing of products, processes, or services; improving of manufacturing process; introducing new technologies to an organisation; or even developing new business strategies.


How do KTPs work?

In liaison with your counterpart within the Company, you ensure the aims of the project are achieved.

KT Partnership members jointly recruit the Associate who will be employed by the University and will normally be based in the Company.

You also supervise, give guidance and mentor the Associate together with the Company’s KT Supervisor. You are expected to visit the Associate half a day per week at the Company’s premise.

A Knowledge Transfer Adviser will follow up with the progress of the project and advise on the rules and procedures of the KTP.


Additional benefits of KTPs

KTP will give you an insight into the challenges that businesses face. Seeing your expertise being applied in real life will not only enable you to adapt your research into new areas with commercial relevance, but also make a significant impact.

You will be able to develop new teaching materials and case studies for future modules specifically focused on current industry’s needs, while enhancing students’ experience.

Being involved in a KTP project will help you build strong relationships with industrial partners which could lead to future projects, representing an opportunity to create internships and/or employment for our graduates.

And finally, KTP project may further lead to a case study for submission to the next Research Excellence Framework.


Next steps

The KTP programme runs continuously throughout the year.


Open date                Close date

7 May 2020               15 July 2020

16 July 2020             7 October 2020

8 October 2020        2 December

3 December 2020    3 February 2021

The Collaboration Team at the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office is here to support you with your project from the start of the proposal. We will also assist you with identifying relevant industry partners, supporting proposal development and submission and recruiting the Associate and support you in the project management.

Do get in touch!



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