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Research Communities Funding Call: COVID19 Response

We are excited to announce that University of Westminster, generously supported by the Quintin Hogg Trust, is announcing a one-off funding call for projects seeking to address issues arising from the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic. Via our four Research Communities we will fund a small number of projects based in each Community which, taken together, will constitute a distinctive Westminster response, capitalising on our particular research strengths and expertise..

This call focuses on research proposals in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  The pandemic has led to massive upheaval and has caused disruption to everyday activity on a scale unprecedented since World War II. It is challenging to think of an aspect of contemporary life which has not been impacted.

Applicants are invited to think creatively about the scope for responses from across our disciplines- we are not solely looking to the life sciences or biomedicine for projects although these are welcome. Contributions from a range of disciplines including the humanities; arts; social sciences and law; communication studies; finance and business studies; environmental and infrastructure planning; transport and logistics studies; design, and engineering will be welcome. This call welcomes proposals that seek to understand health, social, cultural and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and ways to alleviate/recognise its impact. The call also welcomes proposals on adaptation to pandemics in general, for example future capacity and resilience, addressing the improved application of resources, technology or media.

For full details of the Call and to submit a proposal for Research Community funding please visit the Call page online:


The deadline to submit the application is 23:59:59 on 29/05/20.

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