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University Records and Archives

The University Records and Archives team manages two collections (the University of Westminster Archive and the Westminster Menswear Archive); we also provide an archival research advice service for staff and students to help you find the most relevant collections you can.

About the Collections

The University of Westminster Archive is largely an administrative archive of the University and its predecessor institutions. We have particular strengths in sports history (including the 1908 Olympics), the history of photography and architecture teaching, and student life. We collect papers of individuals with a relationship to the University, and hold large collections relating to town planners Max Lock and Gordon Cullen. We also manage to the University college of Chinese propaganda material, including over 800 posters from the 1949s to the 1980s.

The Westminster Menswear Archive is a collection of garments that seek to encourage the study of menswear design from a technical and functional point of view. It includes both designer and workwear garments from around the world, mostly from the 20th century to the present day. The collection has particular strengths in military and uniform garments, and menswear by Alexander McQueen and C.P. Company.

Both collections can be searched through our online catalogue at https://westminster-atom.arkivum.net/, which include several thousand images, and via the University’s Library catalogue.

Archival advice service

No matter how experienced a researcher you are, navigating archives can be tricky! The University Records and Archives team can help, with advice offered by email or in one-to-one consultations (currently available by Skype). We can help you to:

  • Establish which institutions might hold collections relating to your topic
  • Navigate online catalogues and develop search strategies
  • Approach institutions whose archives may not provide regular public access
  • Cultivate a critical approach to researching with archives

To take an advantage of this service, please email us at archive@westminster.ac.uk, using your Westminster email address, and give us an overview of your research and we will do our best to help!

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