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WestminsterResearch VRE: new guidance on adding datasets

We have published new guidance on registering datasets as outputs in the Westminster VRE repository of research outputs.

The guidance details the step-by-step process to register a dataset that has been published via an external research data repository such as Figshare or Zenodo, as well as guidance on adding a dataset for preservation in the University of Westminster Repository.

You can find and download the guidance ‘Adding datasets’ from the Guides section of the VRE (staff login).

If you have been asked to publish or share your research data by a journal or a research funder, you can find detailed guidance on publishing your research data and choosing an appropriate research data repository on the University’s Research Data webpages.

You can also read our ‘Ten-step guide to publishing your research data’.

For support with any aspect of this process, please contact the Research Data Management Officer at research-data@westminster.ac.uk

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