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Welcome to Skills Academy 2018/19

The Skills Academy includes a series of seminars and workshops designed and delivered by industry specialists, employers and professional speakers; and it aims to help you stand out from the crowd by giving you the top transferable skills companies look… more
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Employability Diary – Praveen Jeyaneethi, Applying to Graduate Dentistry

For the Employability Diary series, we thought it would be interesting to see how a fellow UoW student is prepping themselves for their postgraduate applications. If you have missed out on the other blog posts for the ED series, click… more
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Skills Academy: Is disclosing my disability to an employer a good idea?

We understand it can be tricky to know whether or not to inform potential employers about your disability. In this Skills Academy workshop taking place next week we look at why, how and when you might choose to disclose. You will… more
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Diana Dumitrasc – SLV Ambassador

We had the fantastic opportunity of speaking to a student, Diana, who undertook a volunteering opportunity abroad organised by the Student Mobility Team at the University. Continue reading Diana’s account to look into how an abroad volunteering opportunity could be… more
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Employability Diary - Befriend Stress & Boost Your Resilience

Employability Diary – Befriend Stress & Boost Your Resilience

Welcome to the final for this semester blog as part of the Employability Diary blog series. If you’ve missed out on the previous blogs as part of this blog series, you can read them by clicking here. The holiday period can… more
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Employability Diary - What can you learn from a Billionaire?

Employability Diary – What can you learn from a Billionaire?

It would be easy to assume that the life of a billionaire involves going on holiday all the time and counting their money. Unfortunately, that’s actually very far from the case! The majority of billionaires and millionaires, especially self-made, can… more
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What It Takes Alumni event series

The University of Westminster launched an exciting series of events called ‘What It Takes’. These events take place monthly and are created to inspire and motivate students and young alumni through showcasing a diverse mix of confident alumni speakers who… more
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Employability Diary - Getting Work Experience in the Photography Industry

Employability Diary – Getting Work Experience in the Photography Industry

Joanna Sitarz has been so kind to tell us of her photography journey so far and how she’s made sure to secure some work experience in this field! If you would like to know more about other members of staff… more
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Highlight from the Employability Month 2018 – A Day with Goldman Sachs

The beginning of this academic year has been characterised by many initiatives and events organised by the Careers and Employability Service (CES) team. A whole month between October and November 2018 was filled with workshops, presentations, guest speakers and networking… more
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