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Welcome to Skills Academy 2018/19

The Skills Academy includes a series of seminars and workshops designed and delivered by industry specialists, employers and professional speakers; and it aims to help you stand out from the crowd by giving you the top transferable skills companies look… more
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Farewell to the Employability Diary with Nina’s top advice!

Working on this Employability Diary blog series has been a journey in itself, where we listened to excellent career advice from staff and students at the university — from Clare’s practical tips on sustaining one’s career, Diana’s volunteering experiences , Briaa’s… more
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Employability Diary – Mailis Merisalu

Happy Friday and welcome to another post as part of the Employability Diary blog series! 🎉 Today we sat down to speak to Mailis, our Office Coordinator, and she gave us some very excellent tips on staying motivated and chasing your… more
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Employability diary- Briaa Barnes and widening participation

Anna and I are ecstatic to be here with the lovely Briaa! The interview will be based on the topic of Widening Participation in Higher Education, enjoy the read! If you missed last weeks post and would like to catch… more
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Your Careers Service and You: Free Careers Support, Guest Blog Opportunity and More

Your Careers Service and You: Free Careers Support, Guest Blog Opportunity and More

You might be wondering, as part of the alumni community, ‘What has the University Careers Service got to do with me?’ Well, whether you are a recent graduate or have graduated many years ago, we welcome you to take part and engage… more
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Employability Diary with Hristina Nabosnyi

This week we bring you the best bits from our discussion with Hristina, our Student Engagement and Projects Officer, as part of the Embloyability Diary blog series. Hristina shared her love for her university years, her passion for working in Higher… more
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Employability Diary - Health and Wellbeing with Cherry Goh

Employability Diary – Health and Well-being with Cherry Goh

This Friday Nina and myself sat down to chat to Cherry, our Student Engagement and Data Coordinator! Cherry shares some excellent advice on keeping a positive mindset and practical tips on dealing with pressure, so grab a cuppa, make yourself… more
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Employability Diary: Motivation & Career Progression with Clare Adams

Employability Diary with Clare Adams (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of the Employability Diary with Clare Adams. Clare is our Careers and Employability Service Manager and, in a nutshell (among many other responsibilities), one of the key people, who make sure we are all looked after… more
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Employability Diary- Get to know Clare Adams Part One

To help lead on with this Friday Feeling, we have another blog post! The Careers and Employability Service is filled to the brim with talented members of staff. Today Anna and I had the pleasure of interviewing Clare Adams who is… more
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Employability Diary – Andrew Williams

On this lovely Friday, we had the pleasure to interview Andrew Williams, who manages the Mentoring team at the University of Westminster. To make sure you’re up to date with the previous posts of the Employability Diary, click here! o … more
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