Sunday, December 4

Dr Louise Thomas And Professor Jimmy Bell’s New Collaborative Research Reveals Findings Protecting People From Developing Type-2 Diabetes And Heart Disease

Dr Louise Thomas and Professor Jimmy Bell from the University of Westminster’s Research Centre of Optimal Health collaborated with a consortium of scientists from the UK including Universities of Exeter and Brunel as well as scientists across Europe.

The new collaborative research revealed a combination of genes that are linked to higher BMI but paradoxically protect people from developing Type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

It appears that despite the increased BMI, these participants show a favourable fat distribution such as increased superficial body fat (subcutaneous) but significantly lower deleterious internal fat (visceral and liver).

The study, recently published in the renowned scientific journal Diabetes, included measurements of body fat and liver fat content recorded through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and in combination with individual DNA profiles.

Original article on the University of Westminster Website

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