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The University of Westminster has four campuses across London. I study at the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design on Harrow Campus. My campus is a very self-sustaining one. It has everything you could possible need! Halls of residence, gym, shop, cafeteria, student bar, etc. The library on my campus is my favourite and it is one place you can find me at all times. It has all the books related to my faculty and more. We have a large open space called the Forum which is always bustling with life. There are bean bags lined up at one side of the Forum which often offer a much needed breakout space. There are two galleries on campus where students can display their work. We have the Loft and Undercroft student bars which are our social spaces and a great way for music students to perform. Harrow has many radio and TV suites which are ideal for media students with fully equipped studios. What is even better is that there is also training available for beginners. We also have a strong student media – QH, Smoke Magazine, Radio and TV, all on campus. I love working on my campus which is why you will often find me there after my classes for the day.


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