Conference Papers

Included here are the conference papers given by the team. You can find a summary of past conference papers on the blog.

  • 23/08/22 Middle English glosses in John of Garland’s Dictionarius. 12th International Conference on Middle English. Glasgow, U.K.
  • 04/07/22 An Englishman in Paris: Manuscripts and Multilingualism in John of Garland’s Dictionarius. International Congress on the Study of the Middle Ages. Leeds, U.K.
  • 24/06/22 John of Garland’s Dictionarius: multilingual medieval dictionaries in modern historical lexicography. ICHLL 2022 : International Conference on Historical Lexicography and Lexicology. Lorient, France.
  • 13/05/22 John of Garland’s Dictionarius: Learning Latin in the Middle Ages. Multilingual History of English Seminar. Poznań.
  • 20/10/21 An Englishman in Paris: investigating language learning in late medieval Western Europe. English Language and Linguistics Research Seminar. University of Westminster, London.


  • An edition of the shoe section of the Dictionarius will be available soon on
  • In preparation: Pagan, H., Seiler, A. and Wallis, C. ‘Garland’s Shoes: A Survey of the Multilingual Lexis of Medieval Shoemaking’

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